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Roland Integra-7 SuperNatural Sound Module

With the development of SuperNATURAL sound and Behavior Modeling technology, Roland has blurred the boundary between acoustic and electronic instruments, creating the INTEGRA-7 gives musicians a gold mine of the sounds in a fast-access, 16-part module.


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MSRP: $2,399.00 $1,599.99 Save : $799.01 (33%)
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This powerhouse rack comprises a "greatest hits" collection of sounds from Roland's flagship keyboards and V-Drums modules, plus a coveted lineup from the legacy SRX library. It also introduces a new technology called Motional Surround, a 17-part ambience engine that lets you graphically control the distance and position of each part within 360-degree sound field. With the immense power of the INTEGRA-7, you can create amazingly realistic and detailed orchestral arrangements, immersive, spatial sounds, and beyond.

At A Glance:
  • Flagship synth module with over 6,000 sounds built in
  • The latest SuperNATURAL sounds with enhanced Behavior Modeling technology for expressive acoustic instruments and accurate reproduction of performance articulations
  • Powerful SuperNATURAL synth engine with fat analog synth models and vintage filter types
  • Dynamic SuperNATURAL drum engine with natural tonal change derived from Roland V-Drums
  • Producer’s “must-have” SRX Expansion sound library built in; all 12 SRX titles included
  • Dedicated multi-effects and EQ for each part (16 parts), plus dedicated COMP+EQ (use six simultaneously) for drums and ambience parameters for SuperNATURAL drum kits
  • Innovative 17-part Motional Surround ambience engine for stereo, headphone, and 5.1-channel output
  • INTEGRA-7 Editor for iPad

Super Natural Powered Music Production
The core of the INTEGRA-7 is its SuperNATURAL sound engine with Behavior Modeling technology. SuperNATURAL not only mirrors the sounds of acoustic instruments, it emulates the behavior of instruments when they're played. With SuperNATURAL, sounds come to life under your fingers. Go deep inside the programming engine and customize your own sounds, or let the INTEGRA-7 do it all for you. With so many great sounds onboard, and with the INTEGRA-7's organic response to how you play your keyboard/controller, you'll experience a new level of realism and effortless expression.

SuperNATURAL Acoustic Tones
The SuperNATURAL acoustic tones built into the INTEGRA-7 do not merely reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments, they also use Behavior Modeling Technology to simulate the when it is played. A dedicated sound engine optimized for each type of instrument analyzes the phrases you play, automatically differentiating between chordal and melodic playing to most authentic and expressive performance.

SuperNATURAL Drums
In addition to the expressive acoustic tones, you'll find a SuperNATURAL drum engine derived from Roland V-Drums. Thanks to Behavior Modeling Technology, the INTEGRA-7 can groove like a real drummer. Drum kits respond smoothly and naturally to velocity, with seamless tonal transitions from soft to loud. Play fast drum fills that don't sound like fake machine-gun fire, and create fluid snare, tom, and cymbal rolls with real-time control of their speed and volume via mod lever. The drum engine even has its own ambience effect, plus six COMP+EQ sets, which you can apply to the drum instruments individually.

SuperNATURAL Synthesizer
The INTEGRA-7 is loaded with SuperNATURAL synth tones that meticulously recreate the fat sound of beloved vintage synthesizers, their expressive filters, and unique envelope behaviors. Hundreds of PCM waveforms are onboard as well... a treasure trove of classic digital-synth sounds prevalent in the '80s and '90s! SuperNATURAL synth tones also feature four types of LPFs. Each filter behaves differently, even if their cutoff and resonance parameters are the same. Each filter can be personalized via parameter settings and real-time control of cutoff frequency and resonance.

INTEGRA-7 Editor for iPad
A custom iPad Editor App is ready for iPad users who wish to control the INTEGRA-7's synth parameters, part mixer, and Motional Surround remotely, as well as selecting sounds and reading/loading the 16-part Studio Sets. The INTEGRA-7 Editor is free to download from the App Store.

The INTEGRA-7 in Action!
Make the INTEGRA-7 a star player in your music production, performance, and education experience.

• For Pro Music Production…
The INTEGRA-7 has over 6,000 internal sounds that span a complete musical universe of styles. To have the equivalent on your computer, you’d need to instantiate several soft synths and concern yourself with RAM and CPU overload. INTEGRA has practically every sound in every category for music and film-scoring production — from essential acoustic sounds such as pianos, brass, drums, and strings to ethnic instruments from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. It also contains a wide variety of SFX patches for adding dramatic impact to your songs and soundscapes. Activate Motional Surround to add new dimensions to your sound, such as orchestral simulations with stunning depth and realism!

• For Television and Radio…
If you need high-quality tracks for broadcast, and you need them fast, you can feed the INTEGRA-7 Standard MIDI Files and marvel at the beauty of the internal GM2 sound set. By using Motional Surround, you can also create jaw-dropping sound effects and jingles with incredible motion and depth. If you have a stockpile of pre-recorded jingles and effects clips, you can run them through the INTEGRA-7’s audio inputs and apply Motional Surround to those recordings.

• For Music Schools…
When teaching music composition, the INTEGRA-7 is a useful tool to demonstrate sounds and instruments of the world, all from within a self-contained, dedicated device. With a recommended A-49 or A-88 MIDI controller connected, and a single press of the SuperNATURAL button, you’re instantly ready to take full advantage of the INTEGRA-7’s highly expressive sounds. Teachers and students can conveniently store and carry their custom settings via a USB thumb drive.

• For Museums, Art Galleries, and Planetariums…
With the INTEGRA-7’s Motional Surround engine, you can create music for special exhibits that take audiences into new dimensions. Place and rotate the elements of your sound effects and compositions in a 360-degree sound field, while also controlling their positional depths. You can even use your computer or iPad to adjust the surround locations graphically. Motional Sound can be used in two-channel mode, headphone mode, and 5.1-channel mode*

Cool Features and Add-Ons
- The tone Finder wizard lets you organizes the 6,000-plus onboard sounds into logical categories for quick location
- Equipped with dedicated effects/EQ engines, so you don't have to worry about CPU load
- Versatile array of I/O including a USB port that supports audio streaming up to 24-bit/96 kHz
- A front-panel USB Memory port
- Stylish and sturdy hardware design     …and more

Things You Will Get:

  • Integra-7 SuperNatural Sound Module
  • Power Cable
  • Owner's Manual

Great sounds, limited connectivity


I have had my Integra for 6 months. I use the Integra in the studio to play midi files for the music which I write and to practice with my live setup. i also use the Integra in live shows controlled by a midi controller keyboard. Nearly all of the sounds are amazing especially the synths and most of the Supernaturnal sounds. There is a distinct lack of Supernatural brass enembles and I have been using the SRX sounds mainly. I have previoulsy used the XV-5080 and as the Integra has all of the sounds from the XV-5080 in it is useful. However to transfer all of the settings from the XV-5080 to the Integra is very time consyuming and difficult as they have to be done ny hand as there are not automatic ways of doing it as the sounds processors are completely different. Also the 5.1 connections are via 6 seperate jacks and it is not possible to record 5.1 audio via the USB lead which is surprising. Being used to the XV-5080 I didn't find the small display difficult to use but others may need to use an Ipad for an easier interface. The sounds themselves are top draw. Apart from the Supernatural Flute I found sounds to be excellent. There are many settings and the fact that each channel has its own effects is very useful indeed. The synth sounds have blown me away and I am also very happy with and use a lot of the SRX sounds that are in the unit. In fact there are so many sounds it does take a long time to check them all out ! The jack inputs on the front of the unit are useful as I connect my stage piano through there and make use of the Integra to mix the sounds together. The digital SPDIF out is only stereo and not 5.1 as you may expect but does sound amazing. The XLR outputs are very useful for use in live work and eliminate the need for DI boxes. I would have liked two MIDI channels as there were on the XV-5080 as this was very useful. Also the USB has limited functions and I would have expected more especially 5.1 through it. I would have also liked a better way to setup the channels for Performances as I have found it a bit tricky. Overall the Integra sounds superb for recording and also through a live PA system. There are many many functions which allow sounds to be manipulated and new sounds created which will make it last a very long time. Before I got the Integra I was looking at a second hand Fantom but the quality of sounds for the price made the difference for me and I have not been dissapointed with it using it.




Integra-7 SuperNatural Sound Module

4.0 1


Polyphony 128 Voice (varies according to the sound generator load)
Other Features Motional Surround: 17-part ambience engine that lets you graphically control the distance and position of each part within 360-degree sound field.
Model Integra-7 ,  Integra 7
XLR Outputs 2
Preset Types 6,000+
Software Included INTEGRA-7 Editor for iPad
Series Sound Module
Sampling No
Audio Playback Yes
MIDI Sequencer Yes
Audio Inputs N/A
Audio Input Types 1/4" TRS
Audio Output Types 1/4 TRS; XLR; USB; Coaxial S/PDIF
Digital Input Type USB
Digital Output Type USB; Coaxial S/PDIF
Audio Outputs 6
Digital Inputs 2
Digital Outputs 2
Weight 8 lbs. 10 oz.
Dimensions 19"W x 10-6/16"D x 3-9/16"H
Rackmountable Yes
Synthesizer Format Rackmount
Sound Engine Type SuperNATURAL Acoustic; SuperNATURAL Synth; SuperNATURAL Drum Kit; PCM Synth; PCM Drum Kit; GM2 compatible sounds are included
Wave Memory PCM
Effects Type Multi-Effects: 16 systems, 67 types; Part EQ: 16 systems; Drum Part COMP+EQ: 6 systems; Motional Surround; Chorus: 3 types; Reverb: 6 types; Master EQ
Arpeggiator Yes
Controller Types Mod Lever
CV Jacks (Control Voltage) N/A
Warranty Info:

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts for one year and labor for 90 days from date of purchase. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.