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Roland AIRA Series TR-8 Rhythm Performer

The rebirth of a legend with every circuit and tonal nuance painstakingly modeled from the original TR-808 and TR-909 using ACB (Active Circuit Behavior)


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MSRP: $499.99 Was: $499.00 Price Drop! Now: $299.99 Save : $200.00 (40%)
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MSRP: $499.99 Now: $299.99 Save : $200.00 (40%)
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The TR-8 is a performance rhythm machine that combines the legendary sound and vibe of classic TR-808 and TR-909 with features and functions for the modern age. Genre-defining sounds and classic effects. Unprecedented live pattern manipulation. Solid, intuitive performance controls.

What's all the noise about?
Unleashed upon an unsuspecting world in the 1980’s, the TR-808 and TR-909 produce arguably the most influential drum sounds in modern music. Not only have they appeared on thousands of dance tracks over the course of three decades, but they have helped define the sound of entire musical genres. From Rap and House to Techno and Trance – these two drum machines have left an indelible mark on the art and culture of music.

It's all about the Sound
The TR-8 brings to life the best of past and present technologies in every sound. Careful modeling of the original circuits results in the tonal characteristic and nuance of the reknown TR-808 and TR-909 rhythm machines. Tune and Decay knobs are now present on every instrument and the Bass and Snare drum modules have dedicated “Attack” and “Comp” knobs allowing for a great variety of tones – from subtle ambient percussion to pounding dance grooves. Per-step effects and the massively addictive “Scatter” function take things into entirely new territory. This machine is truly a "tweakers" dream.

Just like the original:
  • Full reproduction of the original TR-808 and TR-909 rhythm machines based on original design spec sheets and detailed analog circuit analysis of various specimens including Roland’s own pristine units
  • Newly developed Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) technology allows part-by-part analyses and faithful recreation of tonality and behavior including the smooth variations of tone that occur when you work the controls of each instrument
  • Obsessive attention to detail - like reproducing the original TR’s unique variations in tone that occur when multiple instruments are entered in accented steps

TR Evolved:
  • Build your ultimate kits from the TR-808 and TR-909
  • 16 stunning kits made up of 11 instrument types
  • Dedicated knob for Accent intensity control
  • Per-step Gate Reverb and Delay effects with dedicated knobs
  • Mix sources connected to the External Inputs
  • Per instrument direct outputs via USB
  • Built-in Side Chain function creates rhythmic ducking and gating effects on External Inputs with per-step control
  • Two assignable analog outs for additional mix flexibility

How does it feel?
Make no mistake - the TR-8 is an instrument, carefully designed from the ground-up, to be played.  Every control has a solid, predictable feel with each drum instrument having robust, “playable” faders. Numerous lighted knobs and RGB-lit buttons give real-time performance feedback and a striking appearance on stage.

Pattern creation is creative and intuitive using an evolved version of the TR-REC method which originated in the TR-808 and eventually became the standard for electronic rhythm programing. Based on detailed analysis of the original TR-808, the TR-REC behavior has been faithfully modeled in the TR-8. But the TR-8 goes well beyond the original, allowing you to seamlessly switch between programming and performance modes and to introduce lots of groovy rhythmic variations – from subtle snare fills to total glitch meltdowns.

Just like the original:
  • Faithful TR-REC behavior for pattern creation
  • Large tempo control knob and a Fine adjustment knob for total tempo control.
  • 16-step sequencer allows you to switch between variations [A] and [B] as well as continuous playback
  • Play drum instruments and record to steps in real-time

New to the TR-8:
  • Scatter lets you tweak and mix up your beats in perfect sync
  • 16 per-step pads with bright, colored LEDs
  • Create patterns in real-time with up to 32 steps
  • Change step count in real-time
  • Switch seamlessly from real-time to step performance
  • Play 4 different roll types in real-time
  • Dedicated real-time knob for original TR-909 shuffle function
  • Random pattern creation for spontaneous live performance
  • Pattern copy to quickly create variations
  • 7 segment LED shows tempo and has Tap function
  • USB provides bus power and Audio/MIDI
  • Designed to look and work seemlessly with other AIRA products   

What is Scatter?
Scatter is a unique performance function that gives you detailed real-time control over variations in your patterns and any incoming external input signal. Scatter can reverse, glitch, gate, truncate, stutter and perform all manner of rhythmic variations - from subtle to extreme - and all in perfect sync. Pick from 10 different types of Scatter and smoothly adjust the intensity or “Scatter Depth” with the large comfortable dial. Seamlessly switch between Scatter patterns and quickly turn Scatter on and off for cool variations when and where you want them.

⚠️Warning: This Product can expose you to chemicals including DEHP which is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Things You Will Get:

    Owners Manual
    AC Adaptor

Exceeded expectations


Been contemplating one of these for almost 2 years, and finally decided to pull the trigger after speaking to one of the Sam Ash reps. There was this huge part of me that was worried about the sound because it wasn't analog....tell you what, I've been around analog equipment for the past 20 years and you honestly wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and a real 808 unless you were nitpicking. On top of the sound, the ease of putting together a great rhythm in minutes is fascinating...it's a seriously great instrument to play.


Taos, NM


Old School cool


When you first look at this thing you know you're in for a treat! To be honest with you I purchase this thing just for the BOOM.. And it didn't disappoint, for a matter of fact the raw sonicness of the TR-8 was so massive it almost blew my practice sub. I use it in conjunction with my Juno (a studio in itself). A small bit of a learning curve to me but once ! got the grip I was producing beats in a matter of hours after my initial purchase . I love it and so will you.. Ole school in new school form. This is a real hands on product review from [email protected] Sam Ash Miami


Miami, FL


TR-808 throwback


The TR-8 takes you back to a time where the TR-808 and TR-909 was the drum sounds of the 80's. Re-live the 80's since this unit has all the sounds that made the TR famous. 16 kits and tons of dedicated knobs to adjust the reverb and delay. This is a real hands-on review from David @ Sam Ash Ontario.

Music Lover

Southern California


drum beats galore


With so many versatile drum beats i was really impressed with another quality roland drum machine. There are so many options to create many drums beats. I use it for live dj events and home recordings in place of a acoustic drum kit


Cincinnati, OH


Best Standalone Drum Machine


Whether you're still usuing your classic drum machine, or just want to creat beats the same way some of your favorite producers did, this guy is much easier to understand and use than the classic pieces. This is a real hands on product review from Josh @ Sam Ash Canoga Park.

DJ Jazzy Josh

Canoga Park, CA


Those Sounds are Back...


This is a rhythm machine that combines the legendary sound of the TR-808 and TR-909. it is easier to navigate around therefore producing in a more friendly mood...

Jamba Rhythm

New York


The 808 is back!


The classic Roland TR808 Drum Machine is finally back and better than ever! Roland made the TR8 in response to the high demand for hardware drum machines. The TR8 sounds as great as it looks! It includes sounds from the TR808 and even the classic TR909 drum machine! And it has MIDI capability-something the original TR808 did not have! This is a real hands on product review from [email protected] Sam Ash King of Prussia!


King of Prussia


Awesome rhythm machine!


I think the Roland AIRA Series TR-8 Rhythm Performer is the best new toy in the AIRA series. I remember a friend of mine had the TR-808 when I was growing up and I used to play with it all the time. I'm pretty sure it turned me into a drummer because I always wanted to emulate the beats I made. This is so easy to use and even more fun to play. The drum sounds on it are awesome. "This is a real hands on product review from Scott @ Sam Ash Queens"

The Bearded Guy

Queens, NY


Believe the hype.


Stop using pre-made 808 & 909 samples! The TR8 is all you need to sculpt your own drum kits in the exact same way that those samples in your drum library were created. It's extremely simple to get your drums sounding just how you want, and the step sequencer is a snap. My only small complaint is the manual. There are hidden functions that are not included in the documentation that I had to learn from internet searches. That small complaint aside, weather you're looking for a drum synthesizer or just an easy way to program your drum patterns, this is the easiest & best sounding way to go. "This is a real hands-on product review from Eduard @ Sam Ash San Antonio"


San Antonio, TX


Oldschool is back!


This is a fantastic sounding drum machine that emulates the sounds and grooves of the TR-808 and TR-909 Rhythm Composer machines from the 1980s. The kick drum sounds (for both 808 and 909) are particularly nice. The swing gives the machine that classic Roland groove. Workflow is incredibly fast and programming is easier than on the older TR machines. The sounds are not analog, they are digital re-creations of the drum sounds. The sound quality is fantastic for the price. I didn't think I was going to be all that impressed but I was wrong. I own other TR-machines and didn't think this would live up to the hype. But after 30 minutes I couldn't help but take it home with me. Highly recommended for those who are coveting an 808 or 909 but don't want to spend a couple grand to get that sound. A hands on reviewer for Sam Ash #41


Ontario, CA


AIRA Series TR-8 Rhythm Performer

4.8 12


Sound Engine Type ACB Modeling
Preset Types 16 Kits and User Patterns
16 Sequence Steps with Variation
Effect Types Reverb, Delay, Side Chain
Controller Types Knobs: Volume, Scatter, Tempo
Fine, Shuffle
Pads: 16
Buttons: (6) Mode, Clear, Variation A & B
Scale, Last Step, Start/Stop
Scatter, Scatter Depth, Tap
MIDI Sequencer Yes
Audio Inputs 2
Audio Input Types (2) 1/4"
Audio Outputs 4
Audio Output Types (2) 1/4" Mix, (2) Assignable 1/4"
Other Features Instrument and Effect Controls:
Level, Tune, Attack
Comp, Decay, Inst Select
Side Chain, Feedback, Gate, Time
Weight 4.4 lbs.
Dimensions 15.75 x 2.56 x 10.24 inches (WxHxD)
Series AIRA
Model TR-8
Information not available

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