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Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD Guitar Power Amplifier

When power is a concern for your rig, consider the Velocity 100 LTD rack mount guitar power amplifier, an updated version of one of the most popular rack mount guitar amps Rocktron has produced.


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MSRP: Old Price $499.00 Discounted Price $349.00 Save : $150.00 (30%)
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MSRP: Old Price $499.00 Discounted Price $349.00 Save : $150.00 (30%)
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The Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD was designed to provide great flexibility and high reliability. This single-rackspace amplifier provides 55 watts of power per channel into a 4 ohm load, or 40 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load.

The Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD utilizes thermal protection circuitry, along with protection from over voltage, under voltage or any shorts to the power supply. This allows reliable performance night after night without the stress of losing your sound. A front panel power switch and two front panel volume control knobs make operation as easy as possible.

The Channel 1 Level knob adjusts the output level (or overall volume) of channel one. The Channel 2 Level knob adjusts the output level of channel two. The Resonance control particularly beefs up the lower range, giving the Velocity 100 LTD extra performance at the low end of the sonic spectrum. The Presence control opens up the treble and higher end, offering more "voice" for solo playing.

The Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD is designed for easy operation. Replacing a fuse is a simple procedure as well and a compartment is provided for storing a spare fuse.

Get your Rocktron Velocity 100 LTD Guitar Power Amplifier today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Not too Shabby


July 30, 2018 I downsized from a Mesa .50Cal head & Mesa Recto 2x12 Cab which totaled 100 pounds. My new rig is a custom built 2x10 combo (http://www.trmguitarcabs.com/index.html) with a built-in 1U slot for a power amp. I went with the Rocktron Velocity 100LTD based on good reviews and fair price. BTW, the combo with Rocktron and 2 Jensen Neo Tornado speakers weighs under 40 pounds. I dropped 60 pounds, went stereo and no more tube maintenance, without sacrificing too much tone. I'm using my old Digitech RP500 as my preamp with a stereo cable going to the Rocktron. Highs and lows are on par with the Mesa, maybe a bit warmer. The RP patches need minor tweaking to get dialed in to the new power amp/speakers/pine cab....no biggy. In fairness, there is a small but noticeable lack of depth of tone, harmonics and sustain compared to the Mesa (RP500 bypassed), but thats what you trade-off for abandoning tubes. Its not a big difference, but noticeable. However, in clean tones (Fender, Vox, Roland models) the Rocktron really shines. Ping-Pong delays, Flanger and Chorus effects are in stereo and sound lush and spacious. The Rocktron is loud enough to gig with in smaller venues. Its fan comes on when it gets hot, emitting a whining noise which is inaudible while playing, annoying when not....thus 4 stars. While shopping for guitar specific rack power amps, I found Rocktron, Matrix, Quilter, ISP, Harley Benton, Koch and Seymour Duncan. With the popularity of amp modelers, one would think someone would have done a product roundup to compare features/benefits on power amps. No such luck. I rolled the dice on the Rocktron and it does sound good, but other than pricepoint, I'm in the dark as to how it compares to the competition. In summary, nice warm sound, a bit tube-like, stereo, loud, whiny fan, U.S. company, plays nice with my multi-effects board, fair price. Overall, very satisfied.


Cleveland, OH


Velocity 100 LTD Guitar Power Amplifier

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Warranty Info:

All stomp boxes are 1 year warranty including wahs, volume pedals, Midi Xchange and other effects on the floor. All Rack gear has a 3 years warranty including Prophesy, Voodu Valve, HUSH Super C, Gainiac 2, Blue Thunder, Xpression, MIDI Mate & All Access MIDI controllers and Velocity 100 power amp.

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