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Rocktron HUSH 2X Noise Reduction Pedal

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MSRP: Old Price $249.00 Discounted Price $179.00 Save : $70.00 (28%)
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MSRP: Old Price $249.00 Discounted Price $179.00 Save : $70.00 (28%)
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Essentially a “double HUSH”, the 2X offers two completely separate channels of HUSH noise reduction in a single small unit designed to sit right on top of your guitar amp/head or in a rack drawer, freeing up space on your pedal board. This unique design allows you to choose if you want to run HUSH after your pedal board and into the input of your head with one circuit, and into the effects loop with the other circuit offering new versatility in a single HUSH unit. You get total HUSH control both in front, and in the effects loop, of your amp! The HUSH 2X will also allow you to use one HUSH circuit before, and another after, a single pedal or with two different pedal chains on your pedal board/rack drawer. Selector switches allow you to turn each HUSH circuit on or off.

The same great HUSH signal cleanup is provided with up to 65dB of effective noise reduction for eliminating hiss, unwanted feedback and noise from pickups and stage lighting.

For maximum noise reduction results, place the HUSH after your distortion and modulation effects (chorus, flanger, phaser, etc.) but before any delay or reverb effects. If you are already comfortable rolling back your guitar’s volume pot, simply turn your distortion and other effects in the chain before the HUSH to “ON”, roll back your volume pot, adjust the HUSH Threshold control to remove any hiss you hear, and you are ready to go! The HUSH 2X is also TRUE BYPASS.

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A clever little pedal


This is a really nice pedal. At first I was a little thrown off cause when I ran it through my loop on my JVM410H it didn't quiet the noise from the amp on it's high gain channels. Once I ran it through the front tho boom!, noise be gone! I was under the impression that because I use my amp's destortion I'd have to run it through the loop to get rid of the noise. Not the case on the JVM. But I also run a boost pedal through the front of the amp. So I bought the pedal cause of it's versatility. I could do both. Turns out I didn't need the double feature to do that with this amp/pedal combo. That being said it's still useful for other pedals that can get noisey through the loop. And as far as what this thing is capible of? Even on OD2/RED it quieted the noise up. With the ability to run it through the F/X loop and the front of the amp simuotaniously it's like having two noise reduction pedals in one. Just like advertised. And as far as stopping the noise? Well it measures up just fine with a lot of the other great noise gates and noise reduction pedals out there. All in all this pedal is really awesome. There are a few cons tho. Little ones to be fair. I don't care for the toggle switches. You can't reach down and press them with your foot. So if you want to turn the pedal off and let feedback come in you have to have it in an accessable place and flip the toggles with your fingers (or have your tech do it). The other critizism that I have is the threshold is not responsive until you turn it up just past halfway. At least not on my JVM in the high gain modes. Once it's up halfway tho you can dile in what noise you want to keep and get rid of all the other stuff altogether. If it had bottons than this thing would've got a five star rating no doubt. It's great at what it does. I didn't notice hardly any tone change (if any at all). Sustain was lost once you cranked it up but again that's adjustable with the threshold. Another thing this little pedal did that I liked a lot was that it takes out all the interference from unwanted vibrations while you are playing. It doesn't react like a noise gate either. You can crank up all the gain if you want and it will give you all the distortion but it also articulates the notes you are playing while cutting the slight vibration noise from other strings or phantom notes. It does this at absurd lvls of gain as well. Defintely a good choice if you are looking for noise reduction and don't care for typical noise gates.


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HUSH 2X Noise Reduction Pedal

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