Rhythm Tech Stickball Shaker

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For sometime drummers have been trying to incorporate the sound of a shaker into their kit. Many players have tried to hold small EGGZ Shakers while holding a drumstick or using tape to attach these or other shakers onto a stick. Hardly an ideal solution.

To solve this problem and give players an easy and solid solution Rhythm Tech teamed up with NYC session great Billy Ward to develop the Stickball a great percussive shaker / effect that will easily slip on and off any drumstick.

The Stickball offers a classic dry shaker sound that minimizes the weight and feel changes of putting a shaker on a drumstick. It slides on and off the stick and holds securely without the use of a wingnut or other tightening mechaniism.

Things You Will Get:

  • Stickball Shaker
  • Model Number RT2430
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