PureSound 13" 20 Strand Twisted Snare Drum Wires

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Featuring unprecedented clarity, crispness and sensitivity, Puresound’s “Twisted” snare wires represent the latest innovations. These new snares are made from twenty double strands of Puresound’s premium-grade steel-alloy wire that are braided together— resulting in increased levels of dryness, articulation and response. In the past, players would often have to over-tighten their snares and choke the drum to get a tight snare sound. "Twisted" wires achieve that sound without requiring tight snare tension while also providing a significantly higher degree of sensitivity from the drum at any tension. This combination of benefits makes them appropriate for a wide range of applications, including drumset, concert and marching.

Things You Will Get:

  • Snare Drum Wires
  • Model Number T1320
    Model 13inch 20 Strand Twisted Snare Drum Wires
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