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GFI Musical Instruments S-10 SM Pedal Steel Guitar with Hardshell Case (3 pedals, 4 knee levers)

Introduce yourself to the world of pedal steel guitar! Order your GFI S-10 SM Pedal Steel Guitar from Sam Ash Direct today for the guaranteed lowest price.


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MSRP: Old Price $1,955.00 Discounted Price $1,779.99 Save : $175.01 (9%)
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MSRP: Old Price $1,955.00 Discounted Price $1,779.99 Save : $175.01 (9%)
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Have you ever heard that high, lonesome sound? That trademark tone that has graced countless country and western recordings can be at your fingertips. The GFI S-10 Pedal Steel Guitar is an affordable way to possess a whole new world of tonal possibilities. The GFI S-10 is priced especially for students or guitarists who want to start playing steel guitar, but is also a great pro-level instrument that’s ready for the stage as well.

The S-10 is a single-neck, 10-string pedal steel. It's set up to accommodate E9th Nashville tuning, the tuning of choice for country, country-pop, and rock. The 3 floor pedals and 4 knee levers are used to bend the pitch of selected strings or pairs of strings. The GFI S-10 uses a single finger pull-release system, to ensure that the pedals and knee levers work smoothly and efficiently. The custom designed GF-II pickup provides smooth tones. The body is laminate-covered hard-rock maple die board with a Mica finish.

Get your GFI S-10 SM Pedal Steel Guitar today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Hardshell Case

Great Guitar


The GFI S-10 Pedal Steel Guitar I purchased is an excellent instrument. The pedals and levers are set up great and have a very smooth action. The guitar stays in tune and has a fine finish on it. Dealing with the folks at Sam Ash is great as well. Knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Would recommend Sam Ash Stores for all your musical needs.



Can't go wrong with this pedal steel!!!


I've always wanted a pedal steel guitar, but the costs has always kept me from making a purchase. But this S-10 is affordable and sounds great! If you're a beginner, you can't go wrong with this pedal steel!!!



Top quality, great price for entry level, great service!


Top quality instrument, fraction of the price of most pedal steel guitars. The main reason why people stray from committing to learn pedal steel is the price of purchasing one as a beginner. You can buy a $100 acoustic guitar and if you realize you don't like playing, you are not to invested. Spending $3-4k on an instrument you are not sure you will like learning is a hard commitment. GFI realized this and designed a student model that is professional quality. I am incredibly pleased with this instrument and am having so much fun! Easy to setup and get playing right out of the box. Also, the turnaround time was exceptional. It was communicated early on that it would be a 10-12 week wait as they make these per order. It was definitely a much quicker turnaround and a delightful surprise when I received the email saying my order shipped! Thanks Sam Ash for the wonderful service!



Money well spent... awesome


The quality of workmanship are excellent and the performance is unequaled. Money well spent. I would recommend to anybody.


Strafford, MO


Real nice pedal steel guitar


The average cost of pedal steel guitars is cost prohibitive to most people who want to learn to play one. I decided on the opinion of my instructor who said GFI makes a good product and are easy to work on. My instructor also repairs pedal steel guitars. I've had a couple of lessons and the product plays beautifully.


Lake Villa, Illinois




I don't have much experience with pedal steel, but this one is a great choice for beginners. It's easy to set up and sounds good. Now to actually learn how to play...


Little Rock, AR


Very nice starter pedal steel.


Over the past three years or so I have owned 7 pedal steels. All of the prior ones have been purchased used. About 4 of them were purchased to be re-sold. Three of these were what I would classify as "starter" guitars. One of the starter guitars was a very old "kit" guitar that barely qualified as a real guitar. Basically unplayable. The two other starter guitars were Carter Starter models. Although the Carters were a breakthrough in their day, there is no comparison between the new GFI and the Carter Starters. The GFI has three pedals and four knee levers...adequate for today's music and training materials. Build quality is very acceptable for a lower priced steel. The knee levers in particular shine above the Carter Starter, which used thin, easily bent aluminum angle and had a lot of motion and resistance to some of the levers. The GFI levers are heavy aluminum, with adjustment screws. Action is very easy and precise, with no undue travel. The guitar sounds very good through my Nashville 400 amplifier, and acceptable through my smaller Roland Cube 40, although not as good as the Peavey. The guitar has an aluminum frame and nice heavy legs. The pedal bar is also aluminum. Pedal action is very nice and precise. The guitar seems to hold tune very nicely as well. I notice a slight squeak on the B pedal, which is fairly common on pedal steels, especially the lower end models. I'm sure I can probably remedy this fairly easy. You will need to tune the guitar and tune the pedals and levers most likely. When I got mine most of the changes on the pedals and levers were out a bit and had to be tuned slightly. The instruction included with the guitar are very minimal, but if you go the the FAQ on GFI's site, there are more detailed instructions for tuning the end pegs which control the tuning on the changes for the most part. Tuning is very easy and the adjustments don't require a lot of back and forth between engaged and not. I'm very pleased.

Jim W.

Meridian, MS


Steal A Great Steel!


I bought the GFI Student Model after reading reviews on several websites. Being a member of two Steel Guitar Forums I check with my fellow players. I found nothing negative about the GFI family of Pedal Steel. And at the Sam Ash price, it was a steel. This was my first pedal steel and I couldn't be happier. Lightweight, easy to setup and fun to play.

T.B. Player

Muldrow, Ok


I would buy this product again


Have played guitar and Dobro for years. This is the next step in my continuing music education.

Bobby G

New Jersey


So far, so good!


It ain't easy being a six-string player. There are a million great guitarists in the world, and even when you manage to land a great gig, it's hard to turn heads because listeners now expect guitarists to be not just good, but mind-blowingly good, and original at the same time. That's a tough hill to climb. Enter the pedal steel guitar. Pedal steel is a sound I've had in my head since childhood, but the instrument was always referred to in reverent, hushed tones -- as something unachievable, or at least unbelievably difficult to learn, expensive and cumbersome. But with some encouragement from friends, I made the jump. I took an intro lesson, and the teacher, Karen Sarkisian, told me not to waste my money on a student model but to invest in a pro guitar. Ignoring her advice (I had a strict budget, and needed a lighter guitar for travel) I looked at the various options - the Stage One, the Carter Starter and the Mullen Discovery. I decided on the GFI S10 because it happened to be in stock. And I have been very pleased with it overall. The guitar is solidly built (except for one slightly shaky metal tuning peg), easy to assemble, fits into a case smaller than a guitar case, weighs only 40 pounds together with the case, and is very addicting. My other guitars are getting jealous. The S10 arrived almost perfectly in tune, although it took Sam Ash eight days to get it to me. I agree with the other reviewer that the nylon tuning pegs are hard to turn, but they work and the intonation is good. There's a steep learning curve for this instrument, but there are lots of good tutorials on Youtube, and if you put enough time into it, you'll be making sounds no one else has.

Dave G



S-10 SM Pedal Steel Guitar with Hardshell Case (3 pedals, 4 knee levers)

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Model S-10 SM
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