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Orange Amplification Crush 35RT 35-Watt 1x10" Guitar Combo Amplifier

The most powerful and full-featured combo in the Crush Series, the Orange Amplifiers Crush 35RT Combo gives players everything they could ever want in a practice amp and more!


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MSRP: $319.00 $259.00 Save : $60.00 (19%)

MSRP: $319.00 $259.00 Save : $60.00 (19%)
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The biggest and most full-featured amp in the Crush line, the Crush 35RT features a twin channel design with a high-gain preamp, a 35-watt output stage, a custom 10" Voice of the World speaker, onboard Reverb, and an integrated chromatic tuner. It also comes loaded with other premium features including a 3-band EQ, a fully buffered FX loop, an Aux In, and a Headphone output jack featuring CabSim.

The perfect amp for the rehearsal space, the Crush 35RT dishes out 35-watts of power into a single 10" custom-designed Voice of the World speaker for superb clarity and a nice sonic punch even when pushed to its limits.

With more versatility than you'd typically find in a practice amp, the Crush 35RT sports two footswitchable channels, Clean and Dirty, that can take you from lush, sparkling cleans to full-blown, high-gain metal distortion and everything in between. The high-gain preamp design boasts four gain stages to deliver an outstanding range of complex, clean, overdriven and distorted tones. Featuring high-quality, low-noise components, the high-gain preamp design offers incredible tonal richness and clarity. To fine-tune your sound to perfection, the Crush 35RT features dedicated Volume controls for each channel, a Gain control for the Dirty channel, and a powerful 3-band EQ with Bass, Mid and Treble controls.

The onboard 1/4" headphone/line output allows you to plug in headphones for silent practice sessions, and thanks to Orange's CabSim feature, you can connect your mixer/recording console through the headphone jack to capture huge, authentic Orange tones in the studio. Orange's unique CabSim feature faithfully recreates the sound of a mic'd Orange 4x12" cab that comes equipped with Orange's flagship Voice of the World speakers. A built-in Aux input allows you to plug in your MP3 or CD player and jam along with your favorite backing tracks.

Setting this amp apart from its "stripped-down" sibling, the Crush 35RT comes equipped with a luscious onboard reverb and an integrated chromatic tuner. The built-in digital reverb emulates the sound of classic "Spring"-style reverb, and can take you from a slight shimmer to incredibly spacious 'verb. The analog "dry through" circuitry ensures that your guitar's tone remains intact as the reverb is blended in. Incredibly accurate with fast tracking, the convenient onboard chromatic tuner allows you to tune-up quickly between jams.

What's more? The Crush 35RT is the only amp in the Crush line to come equipped with a fully buffered, low impedance effects loop. When you want to integrate your outboard effects,  just connect your pedals through the effects loop for optimum tone and performance.

The Crush 35RT comes complete with Orange's legendary, unmistakable styling. It boasts Orange's famed basket weave vinyl covering, a woven speaker grille cloth, Orange's signature picture frame edging and classic hieroglyphs on the control panel. Footswitch optional.

Get your Orange Amplification Crush 35RT 35-Watt 1x10" Guitar Combo Amplifier today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Guitar Combo Amplifier

I would buy again.


Nice amp. I use it to make home recordings. Comes in very handy.


Schaumburg Il.


Great Amp!


This is an all around great amp. It has great tone and a heaping of features. This has distinct clean and dirty channels that can be foot switched on stage for ease of use. It also has an effects loop to run pedals through, another useful feature for the live stage. With 35 watts it has power to range from quiet practice to mic'd up stage presence. With a built-in tuner and reverb, this amp is fully loaded! This is a real hands on product review from Zak at Sam Ash Lombard.


Lombard, Il


Portable Orange Tone


You've got a large Orange amp and you are absolutely in love with the tone. You can't settle for a cheap portable amp. Or maybe you can't afford the space of a larger Orange amp. Well, this is the protable amp that has all the check marks ticked. You've got that distinct tone housed in a small body that can easily be transported to your next jam. I love that bright tone. It's got that cut. Like other Orange amps, the tone is so distinct that it commands attention upon turning it on.


Edison, NJ


Great little practice amp


With 35 watts of power, this little amp is awesome for practice at home for any level guitarist. Awesome, true analog signal path with two foot switchable channels for clean and distortion. Killer spring style reverb and a built in chromatic tuner! You can use the headphone output for quiet practice time or you can use it to run into a mixer or recording console for home recording without having to invest into a huge half stack. Top sound quality in a small package.


Sam Ash Music Ontario


Big tone small size!!


Heres the answer to having a small amp and keeping your tone. Orange comes busting through the gates with another prize winner. This amp has the tone you want and the options you crave. A Killer reverb effect built in and easy to use along with a tuner. The channels are footswitchable which is a giant plus!! Headphone in put for silent practice and an auxiliary in so you can play along with your ipod or cd.


Cleveland Ohio

Great amp for your room


Orange has always made amazing amps and now you can have one that's perfect for your room. At 35 watts its loud enough to fully hear but not to loud that it will bother your neighbors. Built in Gain allows for that nice British crunch and the effects loop is perfect if you have a delay pedal. Works great for recording as well.


Edison, NJ

Great solid state amp


This is an awesome solid state amp. It sounds great and has a wide range of tone from country to metal. The digital reverb sounds really good for being electronic, and it has a built in tuner which is a cool feature. Orange amps are known for quality and I'm happy that these amps sound as good as they do with no tubes.

Matty P

New Brunswick, NJ


Gain For Days Plus Built In Tuner and Sweet Reverb!


I was blown away by the volume levels and gutsy crunch coming out of this little amp. It easily keeps up with my drummer. I can't see running out of gain with this one. The reverb is digital but sounds convincingly like spring...from just a hint to full blown surf sounds. Not as good for loud bell-tone cleans as my Fenders though. Still a great little amp.

Phil at Sam Ash

Dallas, TX


Crush 35RT 35-Watt 1x10" Guitar Combo Amplifier

4.6 8


Amp Type Analog
Channels 2
Watts 35
Line Out Yes
Reverb Yes
Other Features 1x10" Voice of the World Speaker

Onboard Digital Reverb and Integrated Chromatic Tuner

Fully Buffered, Low Impedance FX Loop

3-Band EQ

Independent Volume Controls for Each Channel; Gain Control on Dirty Channel

CabSim-Loaded Headphone/Line Output

Aux Input

Channel Selector Toggle

Classic Orange Styling
Weight 25 lbs.
Dimensions 17.32 x 15.75 x 9 inches (WxHxD) - Unboxed
Series Crush Series
Model Crush 35RT
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What is Not Covered:

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