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Lyrics On Your Demand

August 19, 2011; Catherine Triplett

I get asked all the time, “Catherine, can you teach me how to write songs? “Can you teach me how to come up with a catchy chorus and a good verse?” In all honesty, I can’t do that. I cannot sit you down and tell you how to write a song, it comes naturally. What I can do for you though is give you tips on how to become a better songwriter.

Do NOT ever force yourself to write a song! Eventually an idea will come to you, and that’s when you start the writing process. It’s always best to keep a pen on you, or some kind of recording device. Ideas for songs can disappear out of your head very quickly.

Do NOT expect to like a song you write as soon as you are done. Most of the times you will have to edit a song over and over again before you like it. Something that might be helpful: when you finish writing a song, read or sing through it then put it aside. The next day or two come back to and see if you like it or if you want it changed… you can only make a song better.

EVERY SONG CAN BE SAVED! If you write a song and you happen to love the chorus but hate the first and last verse, do not throw the song away! You wrote the song so if you don’t like those verses then fix them. Every song can be fixed or can be rid of what you don’t like. You do not have to throw an entire song away because the verse doesn’t go well. That verse can always be used in another song you write. Every song that is in the works and is not yet being performed in front of people can stand a face-lift!

Do NOT let people tell you your song is too short or too long. There are no time limits to a song; it can be as lengthy as you want it to be.

Do NOT let people tell you that you suck as a songwriter! Everyone has a different taste, and just because a handful of people don’t like your lyrics, doesn’t mean a whole stadium of people won't.

Do NOT feel bad if you are one of those songwriters that cannot seem to come up with music for your lyrics. You can always get together with people and have them do it for you. If you are a songwriter that can create a song while playing an instrument kudos to you.

It takes time for a songwriter to evolve. You won’t become a great songwriter over night. As years go by your writing style is going to change, which is normal.

Last but not least, have fun writing lyrics. Don’t destroy yourself trying to master the art of songwriting. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to creativity.

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