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Sell your Music and get a true
100% on the best program for artists in the industry!
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Sam Ash has joined forces with earBuzz to bring artists more revenue from music sales than anywhere else in the world, and FREE six months of membership to give it a try. You can sell your physical CDs, digital songs at 256-bit, and digital albums, while keeping 100% of the purchase price! That's a true 100% - name your album price and get it all. Songs sell for 89 cents and artists get. . .89 cents! No catches, no exclusivity, no kidding!

earBuzz.com is run by artists and Sam Ash is proud to bring you the best program for artists in our industry. Membership to earBuzz is the artists' choice of $2, $3, or $5 per month, whatever the artist can afford, but the service is the same for everyone! Best of all, through Sam Ash's program, you get the first six months FREE! Just pay the one-time encoding/processing fee of $25 for earBuzz to encode your CD title, process your images, review your music, and set up your exclusive web-page on earBuzz.com with your own URL!

Plus, all earBuzz members get to use the earBuzz Player. This player widget is code that you can place on any compatible website to make more music sales! Just place the code in the html code of the site, and voila, your music player is set up to let people sample and buy your music anywhere.

New exclusive earBuzz Worldwide top-10 Program - the WWX.

Now you can also exclusively get your music to iTunes Worldwide, Amazon.com, Rhapsody, and 7 more of the top 10 music download sites in the world, including top ring tone providers. earBuzz will deliver your entire album to the world of download sites for the industry low rate of $39 per album per year - compare that to $9 per song and hundreds of dollars per album! No other site comes close. And, your share of the royalty paid on sales to earBuzz is 100%. earBuzz doesn't keep any of it!
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For the first time in the music industry you get it all at one place - earBuzz.com:

  • 100% of the purchase price on all sales at earBuzz.com
  • 100% of the purchase price on all sales using the earBuzz.com Player
  • 100% of the royalty/wholesale price on sales on all other sites through WWX
  • All your albums featured on ONE artist page - earBuzz.com/(your artist name here)
  • Every album is reviewed by music label veterans
  • Sell physical CDs, digital songs, digital albums, and ring tones
  • Don't wait for your money! Sales on earBuzz.com sales are paid immediately.

Sam Ash wants you to be successful, we are taking care of the first Six Months membership free a value of up to $30. You pay the one-time encoding fee of $25 per album and have the option for the earBuzz Worldwide Top-10 Program. Use code: SAMASH on checkout to receive your 6 months free membership.
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