Invitation To Our Readers

We hope you find the articles in our Buyers Guides and How-to Guides useful and informative, and that you will have reason to return to our reference section often.

If you have an idea for an article that you think will be if interest to other musicians, whether amateur or professional, we invite you to write and submit it to us. We will pay you $50 cash if we publish your article and we will issue a prize for the best article submitted each calendar quarter. At your request, if we publish the article, we will include your name and email address as a “by-line.”

Submit your articles by email to Be sure to include your name and address and any information about yourself that you would like us to include when we publish your article.

By your submission of any article you agree to the following: Any article you submit, including any included illustrations, photographs, sound or video files, must be original to you and must not have been submitted to other websites or blogs. All articles and included content submitted become the property of Sam Ash Quikship Corp. and its affiliates and will be considered “ works for hire” and upon submission are irrevocably assigned to us for all uses. We may publish the article on our websites and in any other publication in any medium and may edit the article and create derivative works from it, all of which shall be our exclusive property and may be used to promote our business.

There is no limit to the music-related topics we will consider. Here are some examples of what you might write about:

  1. If you have modified an instrument, amp, or effects unit, send us some photos of your work and an article on how you did the modification
  2. If you have ideas on playing or composing technique, put them in writing
  3. If you have an unusual instrument in your collection or have found a collector’s item in an unusual way, share it with our readers
  4. We are interested in your studio or live performance set-ups—how do you get the sound you like?

Areas of interest include:

  • Tips on playing technique
  • Guides to gear usage and set-ups
  • Recording techniques
  • Guides to organizing and promoting your band
  • Experiences you’ve had on tour
  • Tips on writing music and lyrics
  • and just about anything that our customers would be interested in reading


This invitation applies only to articles submitted for publication in our reference section. Please note that all product reviews should be submitted only to our product pages, and that any product reviews submitted to those pages or in response to customer surveys will not be compensated, but will become our property upon submission.

We look forward to hearing from you!