Gibson Les Paul Standard

The amazing design and playability of the Gibson Les Paul guitar had to start somewhere, and the Les Paul Standard has set the curve for maximizing a guitar’s potential. The Gibson Les Paul Standard’s basic features are the same as other Les Paul models, but its versatility and subtle design tweaks made over the years have continued to solidify the Les Paul Standard’s place as an optimum choice for beginners and expert guitar players across all genres of music.

All the premium Les Paul features are at your fingertips with the Les Paul Standard guitar. The next step is maximizing their potential and learning firsthand why the Gibson Les Paul Standard is everything electric guitars strive to become.
  • Asymmetrical neck profile for comfort and playability.
  • Chambered mahogany body with maple top for optimized tone, weight, and balance.
  • Rosewood fingerboard allows quick finger and hand movements up and down the fretboard.
  • Two Gibson Burstbucker Pro pickups wax potted to eliminate feedback and achieve the desired sound.
  • Precision Plek machine leveled frets to limit string buzzing and perfect alignment.
  • Locking Grover Tuners with 18:1 ratio guarantee consistent string tone.
  • Locking TonePros brand Tune-o-Matic and stopbar tailpiece create perfect space and balance between the strings and body for perfect tone and playability.
  • Locking Neutrik Jack eliminates lost electrical connections.
  • Enlarged neck tenon for improved sustainable sound and tone.
  • Custom-made, solderless potentiometers for optimized clarity and sound intensity.
  • Nitrocellulose finish for a more natural body tone and natural wood aging.