OCTA TabletTail Vacuum Dock

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The Vacuum Dock uses industrial-strength vacuum suction to connect to smooth, non-porous surfaces, including glass, marble, plastic, metal, and polished wood. Use it to attach your tablet to counters and tables, windows and mirrors, and more.

Works in Recording Studios
The Vacuum Dock provides the perfect mobile solution for your temporary mounting needs. In the studio, affix your Vacuum Dock to smooth surfaces, like desks, mixers, and recording booth windows.

Powerful Suction with Indicator
The Vacuum Dock features dual-chamber seals, engineered for power and longevity.  Its silver button provides a visual indicator of suction pressure. Pump the button five or six times to engage the seal fully.  When the button emerges, give your Vacuum Dock another pump to refresh its hold. The Vacuum Dock is guaranteed to last for a minimum of 24 hours, without re-pumping: long enough to last through an all-night gig and more!

Create the Perfect Modular Solution
The Vacuum Dock works with the TabletTail: Lynx, sold separately. It connects easily sets up in seconds.  With these interchangeable components, you’ll be able to set up any tablet, virtually anywhere.


• Powerful: industrial-strength seal connects to smooth, non-porous surfaces
• Versatile: works on glass, marble, plastic, metal, polished wood, and more
• Adaptable: adheres to desks, tables, counters, windows, mirrors, and more
• Reliable: long-lasting vacuum suction connection
• Secure: silver button indicator emerges as suction pressure needs renewal
• Interchangeable: modular design works with the TabletTail: Lynx, sold separately

OCTA Item No. OVAD-006

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Model Number OVAD-006
Model OVAD-006
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