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Yamaha Silent Brass System (Select Instrument)


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$159.99 to $209.99

$159.99 to $209.99
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The newest evolution of Yamaha's Silent Brass revolution!

"For nearly 20 years, the Yamaha SILENT Brass system has changed the way brass players practice, providing a comfortable and effective practice environment in even the smallest or most crowded locations. Now, innovative advancements in sound technology and design have led to the development of an entirely new evolution of SILENT Brass products.

The new Pickup Mute features a compact and lightweight design that provides outstanding sound reduction and a natural playing feel. This design allows the mute to fit comfortably within the bell of the instrument, providing excellent balance for the player. Additionally, the user is provided with convenient transport as the Pickup Mute can stay within the bell of the brass instrument inside the instrument case!

The new SILENT Brass Personal Studio is equipped with revolutionary new Brass Resonance Modeling technology which delivers a more realistic sound than ever before. This new technology extracts the full, open tone of brass instruments from the Pickup Mute, resulting in a superior quality of sound for the user."

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Things You Will Get:

    Pickup Mute
    STX Personal Studio
    MP3 cable

Great for Silent Practice


I've used many, many practice mutes and the silent brass system is a very cool one. While no practice mute is going to be the same as playing loud and proud with nothing in your bell, the Silent Brass system from Yamaha makes the best of a quiet situation. The ability to hear your sound directly in your ears while you practice is great! The two reverb settings add some realism and you can really get in the zone, feeling like the practice session is worthwhile. Unlike with other mutes, I don't feel that my articulation practice is wasted.

Steve the Brass Player

New York City

My Son Loves This Because...


My son uses this product for practicing on his trumpet. We first saw this on Youtube but thought it was a fluke. We did more research and after raving, reviews decided to buy it. My son loves this because we live in an apartment with neighbors next to us on both sides and below us. You cannot hear anything loud. I can read a book while he's playing using the silent brass and would not even know there was a trumpet being played. This is a must-have for brass playing musicians.


Van Nuys, CA


Meets my expectation


Effectively quiets my flugel for practice without disturbance. Amp reverb gives a reasonable facsimilie of room presence. Downsides: feels a little like blowing through a restricted pipe, and intonation drifts flat above C.




Great Product and excellent choice


The mute is amazing. It has given me the opportunity to now practice at night, when my family and neighbors are sleeping.


Eagle Rock, California


This is as Close to Silent as You'll Ever Find!


It's true- this device is absolutely shockingly effective. It reduces the decibel level so drastically, anyone's bedroom (even in an apartment) can become your practice room. You've absolutely got to give this a try!




Take Your Private Practice Room with You Wherever You Go!


When I purchased the Silent Brass, I thought that it would only silence my trumpet and the sound I would hear would be along the lines of a cheap tin or plastic horn. On my first note, I was both surprised and elated that sound came out as though I was in a professional recording studio! I should not have been so skeptical as it is of the quality one would expect of Yamaha products. The price was such that seemed to imply less. I was so impressed that I cannot wait to practice reigniting my enthusiasm for playing the trumpet to a level higher than when I began studying the trumpet in my youth. I am so impressed with the product that I recommend that it be a part of any beginning student's arsenal for practice. The price is very reasonable for the quality of the product.

{\[KÄT] Rising_Star/}

Tacoma, WA


A must have for any brass player living in an apartment


The Silent Brass for trombone allows me to practice in my apartment without disturbing my neighbors. This version of Silent Brass is an incredible improvement over the previous model. It now sits flush with the bell, unlike the other one which stuck out and messed with the weight and balance of the instrument. The back pressure is also significantly improved over the previous model. My biggest complaint so far is that the belt clip is really difficult to use, and the battery door sometimes has trouble being shut completely. Overall, I highly recommend it to any brass player living in an apartment building or complex.


Blacksburg, VA


very very impressive,'s crazy


i asked my wife to purchase this for me for x-mass, so alright here it is.i i got lucky and went to berklee college of music for a year back in the 80's. unfortunatly I got psyched out,took the classic "year off " stopped practicing and eventually stopped playing, and never went back to school. call it a mid life crisis or what ever, i traded my old trumpets and got a student yamaha horn. part of me not continuing playing was that the trumpet is a very loud, intrusive instrument and if i picked it up it would be only when people weren't around so that i wouldn't disturb them. i had read about this mute and was very skeptical, but when i put it in and blew into my horn , all i could say was WOW THIS IS CRAZY. it's like when you put earplugs in and the sound you hear is limited to say 30-40 decibles. when i blow into the horn it's like the sound that comes out is limited to say 10-20 decibles. ITS TRULY AMAZING!!! I WISH THAT YAMAHA HAD THIS AROUND BACK IN THE DAY...BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE KEPT PLAYING...I LOST 35 YEARS OF PLAYING AND AM EXCITED TO BEGIN AGAIN! so here's the big plug, if your a parent that tells their kid to put the trumpet down ( because you don't want to hear it anymore) or your a player that doesn't play because you "don't want to disturb anyone", or if you just want to play and play, and play basically at anytime then BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!

come back player ?



Best Gift of the Year


I live in a house with six siblings, and they don't always want to hear my trumpet practice. Now I can practice again without bothering my family. It works and sounds great. Love it!


Atlanta, GA


A Lifesaver!


Living in an apartment complex and working odd hours makes it near impossible for me to practice at a reasonable hour. The silent brass gives me the freedom to get practice time in. The new design alleviates some of the back pressure from the previous model. Perfect for a traveling musician.

Brian V

Huntington, NY


Silent Brass System (Select Instrument)

4.8 10


Series Silent Brass
Model SB7XC