Nektar SE25 MIDI Controller

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SE25 MIDI Controller with 25 Velocity-Sensitive Mini Keys, 3 Velocity Curves: Default, Soft, and Hard, 6 Buttons: Octave, Up/Down, PB1/PB2, Sustain, and Part 2, DAW Integration, and Transport Control.
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The Nektar SE25 is the first mini keys controller ideally suited for making music on the move. The uniquely developed key-bed sports 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys with a defined and expressive playing feel. Six buttons give direct access to features such as sustain, pitch bend, or modulation, and – for the first time in this product category – Nektar DAW control. What's more, the "Part Two" feature lets you change to a second MIDI-channel, layer a sound on top, or shift octave and transpose at the touch of a toggle function button. This unique feature extends the SE25's reach quite literally beyond its compact size and along with Nektar DAW integration makes the SE25 highly attractive to new and experienced players alike.

25 Velocity-Sensitive Mini Keys
The keys are the most important feature for a MIDI controller keyboard: They transport you're playing and musical ideas into the computer. As the SE25 is designed to be ultimately mobile and fit in any backpack, there was simply no room to fit full-size keys. But still Nektar wanted it to be playable. So, they developed a velocity-sensitive mini-keybed for the SE25. Despite these keys' miniscule dimensions, you can play them expressively with a defined and firm feel. What's more, a choice of three different velocity curves allows you to adjust the keyboard response to your playing style. These keys are ready for action!

Double Up – Part Two
Simply press the dedicated "2" button to momentarily shift the octave, add an octave or harmony layer while you play – or switch to a different channel: The unique Part Two feature will enable you to play in ways not even possible on keyboards with many more keys! What's so special about this? Well, the moment you let go of the Part Two button, the SE25 reverts back to its original settings. So, you can toggle back-and-forth between two different keyboard configurations in real-time. A fun performance features!

Nektar DAW Integration
Give your trackpad or mouse a break and control DAW transport functions and track selection directly from the SE25: Simply press the Play and Rewind buttons simultaneously to enter transport mode and the custom NEKTAR DAW Integration software lets you control your DAW! Nektar DAW Integration for SE25 currently supports Bitwig, Cubase, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Mixcraft, Reason, Reaper, Sonar, and Studio One. (In order to take advantage of Nektar DAW Integration, you need to register your SE25 and download the integration files from your user account.)

  • 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys
  • 3 velocity curves (default, soft, hard)
  • 6 buttons: Octave Up/Down, PB1/PB2, Sustain, Part 2
  • PB1 and PB2 buttons (assignable to: Pitch Bend, Transpose, Vol, Pan, Track, or Patch change)
  • Part Two button: Assignable to Octave, MIDI Channel, Transpose, Layer, and Latch (momentary)
  • "S" button: Assignable to Sustain or Modulation
  • Transport control via secondary button function
  • Works with any DAW or MIDI music software on OS X, Windows, and Apple iOS.
  • Connections: Micro USB port (USB-powered)

Get your Nektar SE25 MIDI Controller today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • MIDI Controller
  • Bitwig Studio 8-Track
  • Micro USB Cable
  • User Guide
  • Model Number SE25
    Model Impact SE25
    Series Impact
    MIDI Controller Type MIDI Keyboard Controller
    Number of Keys 25 Keys
    Knobs/Encoders No
    Sustain Pedal Input No
    Aftertouch No
    Display No
    Software Included Yes
    Included Software Bitwig 8 Track DAW
    Mac OS Requirements Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
    PC Requirements Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or higher
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