Nektar Bolt Harmonics Synthesizer Plug-In (Digital Download)

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The first plugin ever based on Harmonics Synthesis technology, the Bolt employs a unique form of synthesis sonic characteristics not found in other synth-type plug-ins.
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Nektar Bolt is the first Harmonics Synthesizer for VST/AU compatible DAW platforms. Its unique Harmonics oscillators will take you from subtle sine waves to overtone-rich pulse chains at the turn of a knob. And, Bolt's user interface encourages instant experimentation when creating sounds. No filter required – it all happens right in the oscillator.

Unusually Organic and Warm Sonic Character
Bolt is built with up to 16 voice polyphonic and offers 2 oscillators per voice, each equipped with sub-oscillator, noise generator, distortion, and a dedicated ADSR envelope. Three sync-able LFOs and a Modulation Envelope provide extensive modulation. The number of overtones is set with Bolt's Harmonics parameter, Roll-off additionally adjusts the steepness of the Harmonics "cutoff". Apart from standard waveforms such as sine, saw, or square, Harmonics Synthesis is also capable of generating pulse chains and alternating shapes. Cross modulation between Bolt's two oscillators opens the door to FM-like sounds and all sorts of modulation mayhem. A Voice Double mode provides unison features and the synth's 4 integrated effects processors simplify the creation of production-ready patches. Over 500 factory sounds, including many artist patches, demonstrate the flexibility of this synth engine: Lush pads, deep basses, screaming leads, or percussion sounds that almost sound sampled, are just some of its strengths. The triple LFO section allows the creation of interesting rhythmical soundscapes and drones.

Doesn't Require the Dedicated Filter Section
The effects are optimized ease of use, only 3 parameters per processor ensure you'll get to results quickly. Still you'll find enough tweak-ability including tempo sync for the delay or parametric and bandpass modes for the EQ.

  • SHAPE IT: Bolt's synthesis engine generates a sound's overtone structure directly in the oscillator. So, you won't find a filter section like in typical subtractive synthesizers.

  • REFINE IT: Four integrated effects processors ensure that Bolt's patches are ready to be dropped into your productions: EQ, Chorus, Delay and Reverb provide the essential effects at your fingertips.

Incredibly Accessible, a Joy-to-Use, and a Highly Creative Tool
Sounds come to life with modulation: So, Bolt offers four powerful modulation generators. Its 3 LFOs and one Modulation Envelope Generator ensure a host of modulation possibilities. No matter, if you are after snappy transients or would like to modulate different aspects of the sound all at the same time – you can do all of that and more. The modulation generators can even modulate each other if you want to push the envelope. The best is, that it's easy to experiment: Modulation Targets are pre-assigned, so you simply need to bring up a target amount to hear an effect. The modulation EG is modeled after classic ADSR envelopes and covers a range from ultra-snappy and percussive to lush sound scapes. The 4 modulation Targets can be assigned to many destinations, including LFO Frequency and Intensity.

How to Download Bolt After Purchase from Sam Ash:
  • Go to the MY ACCOUNT tab on Nektar's website and login
  • If you don't have an account go to www.nektartech.com/registration
  • Enter or copy the Bolt license number from the invoice in serial number registration field and submit
  • Follow the installation steps in the Bolt PDF user guide page 4 (User Guide in More Info Tab)

  • VSTi Harmonic Synthesizer plug-in
  • Compatible with VST, VST3 AU 64 Bit
  • Sound is shaped and generated in the oscillator
  • Does not require dedicated filter section
  • Turn one knob waves shape can be changed from dark and subtle to overtone rich
  • 16 voice polyphonic 2 oscillators per voice
  • Dedicated ADSR envelope
  • Cross modulation offers FM like sounds
  • Voice double mode
  • 500 factory sounds

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  • Model Number 505
    Model 505
    Series Bolt Harmonics Synthesizer Series