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MOTU BPM Beat Production Machine Virtual Instrument Plug In


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Sound libraries these days are awash with loops. And what is a loop, exactly? Someone else's beat. Isn't it time to take back creative ownership over your grooves?

Isn't it time to once again release your own unique, inspired beats on the world? If only you had a rhythm production instrument that let you program beats as fast as your mind can "hear" them. There just hasn't been anything even close...until now.

Experience the ultimate Beat Production Machine

BPM unites drum machine-style operation with advanced virtual instrument technology to give you the ultimate rhythm programming experience. Combine drum kits, sequenced patterns, sliced loops and instrument sounds to realize your rhythmic vision, mixing and matching any playing style with any drum kit. Or plug in your pad controller or MIDI keyboard to capture your live, groove-quantized performance directly in BPM.

Explore a new universe of new sounds

Browse BPM’s vast 15 GB sound library of expertly recorded and mastered 24-bit 96 kHz rhythmic material for urban, R&B, hip hop, techno, electro, house, pop, rock and other music styles. Sample your own drum sounds directly into BPM’s drum pads, or simply drag and drop clips from your computer desktop, to add infinite possibilities to your own, unique sound. Add further punch with BPM’s Drum Synthesizer. Combine unlimited sample layers per pad with programmable layer switching. Now add guitar, bass and other multi-sample instrument sounds from BPM’s included library, MachFive or any other MOTU or UVI sample instrument library.

Let your beats flow, from start to finish

Trigger scenes during live performance from pads or MIDI notes. Drag and drop scenes into a song to build an entire track in seconds. Finalize your track with BPM’s comprehensive graphic mixer, unlimited effects processing and dozens of world-class effects, including multi-band EQ, filter, delay, drive, distortion and convolution reverb. Advanced features include drag & drop audio import/export, multiple outputs, universal plug-in compatibility and stand-alone operation.

Let BPM turn your computer into a rhythm production powerhouse.


•  Over 15 GB of all-new, never-before-released loops, samples and beats
•  Over 10,000 individual samples
•  Over 1,000 new drum and percussion loops
•  All recorded at 24-bit 96 kHz resolution
•  Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by top mastering engineer Chris Gehringer
•  Beat Production/Sound Design by Eric K. Roz for Black Rose Corporation (
•  Over 200 drum kits + patterns organized by style categories (Beat City, Old School, etc.)
•  Over 100 urban multi-sampled instruments, including piano, bass, guitars, synths, pads and more
•  Comprehensive percussion samples, patterns and loops
•  Dozens of classic "808" and "909" style beat box samples
•  Hundreds of patterns in many styles (hip hop, R'nB, house, electro, techno, funk, soul, pop, rock, etc.)

System Requirements:

•  A minimum of 1 GB of RAM is required. However, since BPM loads samples (or a portion of the samples) into the computer's RAM add as much RAM as possible to your computer; 2 GB is recommended.
•  Large hard drive(s). See below for Mac and Windows specific hard drive requirements.
•  A free USB port for the iLok USB key. Note that if you have multiple products which use iLoks for authorization you can consolidate multiple authorizations onto a single iLok; see this tech note.
•  A CD/DVD disk drive for installation.

For Mac:

•  G4 1 GHz Power Mac or faster, with multiple processors/cores highly recommended; a G5 or Intel-based Mac is recommended
•  OS 10.3.9 or higher. Version 10.4 or higher is recommended.
•  Hard drive(s) with at least 18 GB free to hold the sound files, plug-in, and application. The drive(s) must be formatted as Mac OS Extended (also known as HFS+); journalling can be on or off.
•  An audio sequencer software package that hosts MAS, AU, VST, or RTAS instrument plug-ins. As BPM has 34 outputs (stereo main outs + 16 stereo aux outputs), the host needs to support instruments with greater than 32 outputs. Alternately, BPM can be used as a standalone application.

For Windows:

•  Pentium 4 1 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent), with multiple processors/cores highly recommended
•  Windows XP, XP x64, or Vista (32 or 64 bit)
•  Hard drive(s) with at least 18 GB free to hold the sound files, plug-in, and application. The drive(s) must be formatted as NTFS.
•  An audio sequencer package that hosts VST or RTAS instrument plug-ins. As BPM has 34 outputs (stereo main outs + 16 stereo aux outputs), the host needs to support instruments with greater than 32 outputs. Alternately, BPM can be used as a standalone application.

Things You Will Get:

  • Install Disk(s)

Update to perfection...


As a long-time MOTU software user myself (DP8.24, ElectricKeys, MachFive & Ethno), I've experienced MOTU ups and downs with their software and hardware designs. I've found that loyalty has its benefits and my patience has paid off because my software upgrades have shown me the great strides MOTU has made over the years. 2009 was very different than today, both for MOTU and their products. I read a previous review of BPM and it's a cool feeling to see how just about every complaint that user had in version 1.01 has been resolved and improved upon now that we're up to V1.5. 1) Undo has been integrated with a vengeance, allowing you the courage to make and fix your own mistakes, resulting in creative freedom and great music (and great software, as well). 2) Slice loop editing addresses the "loop-chopping" complaint, since you can now edit so many aspects of your loop slices, including the slice points. 3) Not only are the pads programmable now on the screen or via controller, but repeat values, volume, velocity, aftertouch are all elements that were either not available or perfected in V1.01. 4) Crashing, like the OSX10.5 the user had in 2009, is somewhat obsolete now that 5 years and numerous updates have passed. Stability is usually the most basic issue for developers to resolve before anything else and I've had no crashes with BPM. 5) New browsing and layouts should easily address any concerns about file management and soundbank organization. 6) The editing is as flexible as you want any program to be and all parameters can be tweaked, before, during and after play. The reviewer was right when they said "BPM had great promise...great workflow...great interface..." and simply need to address "these basic issues." It looks like that promise has been kept, since those issue are well-resolved and BPM is well-equipped to feed the creativity of musicians of many levels. No one should ever feel "stuck" with unsatisfactory equipment or software they spent money on. While it's true that software is non-returnable, the good news, when you deal with an established customer service-driven retailer like us, you don't have to worry as much about buying software that disappoints you. Our company is filled, coast-to-coast, with real-life experts who are patient enough to talk it through with you before you buy. That's a privilege you deserve, so take advantage of it!

Gary - Staff reviewer at

Hicksville, NY


BPM is not a finished product


MOTU BPM is not a finished product! I installed it, got it working fine, and everything was great until I started to try and use it. It is missing a ton of EXTERMLY basic features. Here is a list: 1. no ability to undo anything! You can't actually record something and then undo it or if you screw up a note in the piano roll you can't undo it. This is crazy, everything has an undo function! Even MPCs have one. To not have an undo function in the stand alone mode is very sloppy. 2. loop chopping- with the new update (BPM 1.01) you can chop loops, but you can't do anything with the chop points! You can't move them or create new ones. Also, you can't zoom in on the loop to see where the chop points actually fall. Recycle (by Propeller heads), Mach 5 (by MOTU), and the MPC (by Akai) allow you to do this 3. All pads are set to 1-shot- in an MPC you can set a pad to play as long as you hold it or have it play the full piece of audio that is assigned to the pad (1-Shot). BPM only does 1-shot. This is a pain because you can't control how long a sample is played 4. Crashes a lot. I am using a Mac (OS 10.5) and the program has crashed almost every time. It also forgets a lot of the settings that I had created in my last session. 5. Bad file management system. While you can set favorites, this is no way to integrate you other files with their file management classification (i.e. assigning loops to the loop section). 6. Piano roll editing is awful- the editing options in the piano roll are very scarce. For example, if you have a note on the roll, you can't adjust its volume after you have played it. Also, moving notes around is extremely hard to do Because I can't return software to Sweetwater, I am just going to keep it and hope that future updates (which are rare in MOTUs case) will add these basic functions. Until then, I am going to stick with my more polished programs like Reason. BPM has great promise (really great workflow options and great interface) but is not a well implemented. It needs a lot of work and should not have been released until these basic issues were resolved




BPM Beat Production Machine Virtual Instrument Plug In

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BPM Beat Production Machine Virtual Instrument Plug In

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