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Martin M160 Ball End Nylon Classical Guitar Strings


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Discounted Price $5.99
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Martin Strings are high quality strings for daily use. Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements in order to make the grade. Martin Strings are wound to precise specifications.
Gauges: .028; .032; .040; .030; .035; .043

Things You Will Get:

  • Guitar String Set

Thanks folks


Great warm strings, friendly, knowledgeable service as always. Got a few cool stickers





I love it.



I would buy them again


Great strings great service



I would buy it this product again and again


A real good strings.



Good nylon strings for the price!!!!


Good nylon strings for the price around there, they sound nice on my Yamaha C45M classical guitar. The only thing I didn't like, it's they don't last so long but in average, the strings are OK if you like practice every day.



A great supplier


I've come to appreciate these guys for their attention to the player making a living. I need what I need NOW! So when I call, they ship. It's always in stock, the price is right and they get it to me.


North Carolina


Does not deliver what I paid for


I have always tied my strings but thought I would give the ball ends a shot. Put them on and brought them in tune again and again. Cranked on these strings for two days and finally the little ball on the "G" and "B" string poped right off. I went in to the store and was told that this is somewhat normal. Asked the teck guy and he said they are not the strings he would use. went back to tying my strings

CR band

Redondo Beach, CA


A very good strings.


These strings are one of the best. I'm not classic guitar player but use classic guitar for recording/flamenco stroke/solo lead part, etc. I tried 5-6sets of different company's strings but this martin's strings are the best tone for both solo/lead and stroke.

new york 21

new york, NY


Loose the plastic Ball


From the moment I tried these strings I loved the tone, the feel, and how quickly one can change these out. However; I would completely remove the plastic ball ends from the tremble strings and tie them the old way. The black plastic ball ends just don`t hold up. I open the case...and their gone. So I just tie them.


Clearwater, Florida


All good but the high E


I decided to try these out on my classical and all was well until I did the final tune up. The high E would lose tension very quickly, not staying at pitch for more than a few seconds. I decided to let it sit for a bit so the strings could finish stretching and that's when the high E popped. I went to the store and asked about the strings and was told that event was an anomaly. So I foolishly bought another Martin set (not wanting to mix strings). Strung up the high E again this time bringing it to D and letting it sit overnight. The next morning I tried to bring it to pitch and all was well for about 5 minutes. As I was doing some light finger picking, the high E popped again. I went back to Sam Ash and got a set of D'Addario Pro Arte and strung up. Those stayed in tune and a month on have not had a string pop.


Queens, NY


M160 Ball End Nylon Classical Guitar Strings

4.1 10


Material Nylon
Model M160
Information not available