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Martin M130 Silk And Steel Folk Acoustic Guitar Strings


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Martin Strings are high quality strings for daily use. Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements in order to make the grade. Martin Strings are wound to precise specifications.
Gauges: .0115; .014; .023; .028; .038; .047

Things You Will Get:

  • Guitar String Set

Finally, the Right Strings


A few years ago, I found an old Gibson student guitar in the trash with no bridge. Up to last year, I took it up to purchasing gluing a new rosewood bridge on my guitar and (with some sanding and finishing on the top) it worked out perfect, except for one thing. During rebuilding, I noticed that the top of the guitar was a little unstable after I put steel strings on the first time, and as a result, I had to detune this guitar when I wasn't playing and when it was in standard tuning, the action was hard and unstable. The solution, the guitar needed light gauge strings, so I tried phosphorus bronze custom lights before switching to these silk and steels. The final result, I'm able to keep this guitar in standard tuning with the silk and steels on and now this guitar is good for playing folk, classical, and even some Gypsy jazz. I highly recommend these for the older guitars than tend to have harder action with the traditional bronze strings.

Rusty Hendricks

South Jersey


"wow, these are the BEST strings!"


"I have been a dedicated Silk n Steel user for almost two years now. I have used a few other brands to compare; Elixers, regular SPs, D'Addario, Ernie Ball, John Pearse. The only strings that came close were the Elixers, which I had heard so much about. Yes, they were much more bright than the Silk n Steels, but I did not agree with the claim to longevity, for while they did stay in tune they quickly turned from their bright ring to a dull hum, where they Silk n Steels keep an overall mellow flow for the same if not longer length of time. Also, the Elixers felt very slippery and did not perform any better than the Silk n Steels on reduction of sliding squeak, hammer on quality, or bend clarity as I was led to believe they would. Both strings did however way out perform the rest in all areas. What I love the most about these strings is their mellow yet bright and defined sound. I put them on my Fender DG-25s cedar top and they really seem to bring out the true warmth of cedar that first attracted me to it. Granted, the fact that I play cedar does say something about my preference for mellow tone where most people would probably like a spruce with big bright Elixers, but I dont like my guitar to overpower a song. These are definatly FOLK STRINGS and that is their charm, they lend a lovely classical warmth to a steel guitar. They will probably not be your favorite if you like to strum it hard on a country jam, but for those deep fingerpicking love ballads with the fluttering high notes these strings will be your best friends."

Katherine Kaplan


M130 Silk And Steel Folk Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Material Nylon
Model M130
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