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Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar

The Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar delivers a warm, balanced tone and classic Martin style.


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MSRP: Old Price $1,649.00 Discounted Price $1,299.00 Save : $350.00 (21%)
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MSRP: Old Price $1,649.00 Discounted Price $1,299.00 Save : $350.00 (21%)
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The Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar features Martin’s legendary dreadnought body style and is distinguished by its all-mahogany construction. The mahogany top produces a unique, strong tone that is warmer than spruce and is versatile enough to take on different styles of playing. A natural choice for finger picking, flat picking, or playing bottle-neck country blues, the Martin D-15M will deliver the tone you are looking for.

The neck is constructed from mahogany and is outfitted with a set of Nickel open geared tuners. The 20 fret rosewood fingerboard joins the body at the 14th fret. The satin finish on the neck and body gives the D-15M the feel of a well-worn instrument.

Finally, a Martin Hardshell case is included with the D-15M.

Get your Martin D-15M Acoustic Guitar today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Hardshell Case

Loved it.


Great guitar!



After about a year, it just gets nicer


I literally walked around Sam Ash plucking low E strings listening for a deep rich sound. Martin seemed to have more than anyone else. I liked the look of the Mahogany top/back/sides/neck. The ripples of the grain add a beautiful touch to the color of the wood. The tone has totally warmed up more and grown deeper over the 10 or 11 months she's been home with me. I have the MFX740 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings (Martin strings, they call them Tommy's Choice) on there and it just gives this rich low rumble on the low E and the D strings that if I have my feet up on my desk I can feel on my desk. The ring out is intense and long on this baby. I have not had anyone pick up my Martin and NOT say how much they love the tone of her. I do love the look of no binding... but, I'm going to have to say I do have some dents on the sides where the bindings would be protecting. That said... I'm not sure I care at the same time I think I care. I think that means I want it to be perfect but I also am okay with her getting age marks just as long as it doesn't do some serious damage. I would buy another. I'd buy it for my Dad. I'd buy it for one of my kids if they'd play. If you pick this guitar up you'll probably end up taking it home. Comes with a beautiful martin case with green insides. Acoustic only, don't forget.


Coral Springs FL


It gets better every year


I bought mine almost 20 years ago at Sam Ash in Manhattan on 48th Street. It has a lovely warm tone, great playability, is rock solid and has that lovely Mahogany aroma that greets me each time I open the case. Every year it seems to get nicer and nicer. This is, out of all the guitars I own, the one I want to hang on to. It is, perhaps, the best value in the entire Martin line. If you like the tone and how it feels to play, you won't go wrong.


New York City


D15-M Wonderful!!!


This is designed after the old time Post depression guitars. It has a warm sound that vibrates your belly when played. It tunes well & stays. It has a comfortable neck shape & is super light. Almost strange to pick up light. There is a phenomenal low tone while keeping highs. It has a basic finish and no bindings, which makes it seem at first glance simple. These traights are for performance without the huge dollars & when played , it shows... or sounds. It fingers well & has good finger picking & strumming qualities. Best for the dollar Martin around if sound & playability is the concern. Not too fancy in looks... Whooooo cares. It is beautiful of you see it & aren't they all about sound & playability? Bottom Line... Love it. & Didn't spend 4500. Yahoo.


Hudson, FL


Wonderful Tone


I played a D-15M at a brick and mortar store, and instantly fell in love with the feel and sound. The tone is quite different from my spruce-top guitar, very mellow and well-balanced. The guitar is a Martin, I don't need to say more. And it's true that it smells fantastic! In the near future I hope to add a pickup for gigs (probably an LR Baggs Ibeam) Sam Ash had the best price on the instrument, by far. The instrument was back-ordered; the sales rep did a great job communicating with me, it took some work on his part because I called every few days to check on the progress of my guitar.


Tucson, AZ


Wood Sprites Can't Help Dancing


I am a Singer/Songwriter, Audio Engineer, Guitar Player 46 years. I have a small recording rig and the Martin D-15M is a true gem, no matter the application: Recording it's the bomb, Pick it up and it almost writes songs, The best sounding guitar I've ever played. It is so light and rings like a bell. My other guitars are feeling lonely. I found it at Sam Ash, Nashville in the used section, they gave me an amazing price. Don't know who traded it in but they will regret it when they are older (Acoustic guitars sound better with age. I got a head start and it cost less.) The only issue is with the tuning, being so light it drifts wtih changes in temperature and humidity. Easy enough to deal with by letting it adjust to changes and a vibrational tuner The sound is worth it

Dave's not here

Nashville, TN


Awesome Hog


First let me start off with the down side of this guitar, NONE. That is right, none. First this guitar is simple in looks but is a real eye catcher. The smell of this guitar every time I open the case is just amazing. What a really nice wood smelling aroma that is has. The guitar is extremely light and makes you at time wonder if you are playing a full dread sized guitar. The neck on this guitar is easy, smooth to play that I find very comfortable. The guitar sound is warm and can get a little bassy when asked and has some really nice mid tone sounds. The guitar maintains it's tuning. I find myself at times not wanting to put this guitar down at all. This was an extremely good buy for me that has made me totally happy. The staff in Cherry Hill, NJ was great and really allowed me time to just sit alone and play this guitar. I could have not made a better decision. Now with this all Mahogany Martin the guitar is either a hit the first time you pick it up and play it or has a tendancy to grow on you to keep playing and looking at it until you buy it..The flip side is you just do not like an all Mahogany guitar.This guitar to me is one of Martins sleepers that is truly a pleasure to play. Martin has hit a home run with this series.


Mount Laurel, NJ




i love my d15 m. i was actually deciding between the d15 m and the guild d125. Both are all mahogany guitars. both are outstanding guitars so.... i ended up buying both! I bought the guild first then 2 month later the d15m. The d15m has much more tone than the guild and its fit and finish is WAY better. You can defiantly tell martin took their time constructing this amazing instrument. If i had to choose between the d15m and the guild i would honestly have to think about it for a long time! Nevertheless, its an american made martin, constructed with the best materials and the best craftsmanship. What more can you ask for!!!


orlando fl


This thing is Alive the D15 wOw


I searched for a mahogany guitar, almost ready to purchase from competitor similar model was refused an advertised discount for second time. I checked Sam Ash, found this thing, outstanding friendly service, actually acted appreciative, gave me better price. Reading an article on the mahogany/spruce model, a guy said "this thing is alive, drinking water". I let the temp adjust, minor tuning, and started with this thing. IT IS ALIVE, I mean this thing projects, like nothing I've ever heard. I have several high end Ovation's and 30+ years playing, this Martin growls Em and E's, A major sounds like a lion roaring, and G timbrels and sings. After a few minutes, rest on a G, hit your harmonics down the board, 12th, 7th, and 5th harmonics absolutely groan and scream like nothing I've ever seen. Get this, harmonics at 9th fret are clear as crystal. I cannot believe the sounds coming out of this unbelievable thing, this is a real vintage instrument. I will be busking in Asheville (street music paradise) and the projection and sustain is SUPERIOR to any guitar I've ever seen. This guitar is beautiful, looks are clean, crisp, and vintage (1940s design), the voice of this guitar you will not take lightly. I never knew a guitar could have such character. I've played songs Ive known for years and sounds come out that are like some spirit lives in this thing, projecting sounds I've never heard!


Asheville, NC


Great Guitar!


This is a great guitar: quality construction, rich sound, minimalistic beauty. This is the best guitar under $1500 for blues, bluegrass, and folk. I love it!


Seattle, WA


D-15M Acoustic Guitar

5.0 10


Series 15 Series
Model D-15M
Warranty Info:

D-15M Acoustic Guitar

Limited Lifetime warranty, 1 year on Backpackers and Ukuleles.