Mel Bay 100 Tunes for Piano Accordion

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An Extensive collection of reels, jigs, hornpipes and polkas from the French Canadian, Cape Breton, Scottish, Shetland, New England, and Southern Old Time Traditions arranged for the piano accordion. Written with the beginner as well as the advanced player in mind, the arrangements are complete with ornamentation, fingering, left hand notation and chord symbols. Appropriate for any G clef instrument.


Albert's Hornpipe (Scottish Hornpipe)
Andy Dejarlis (Cape Breton Jig)
Angeline the Baker (Southern Old Time Reel)
Angus Chisholm's Favourite (Cape Breton Reel)
Aubey Foley's Jig (Cape Breton Jig)
Auld Snatwell (Shetland Jig)
Da Auld Stoer's Back Agcy (Shetland Reel)
Bachelder's Reel (New England Reel)
La Bastringue (French Canadian Reel)
Bay of Fundy (French Canadian Reel)
Beauties of the Ballroom (Cape Breton Scottish Jig)
The Boatman Dance (Southern Old Time Reel)
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (Southern OldTime Reel)
Bonnie Banchory (Scottish Hornpipe)
The Braes O'Tullymet (Scottish Strathspey)
Cape North Jig (Cape Breton Jig)
Charleston Gals (Southern Old Time Reel)
Chorus Jig (New England Reel)
Da Corke an' da Craw (Shetland Reel)
Corn Rigs (Scottish Hornpipe)
Cropie's Strathspey (Scottish Strathspey)
Dave Marsh's Favourite (Cape Breton Jig)
The Devil's Dream (North American New England Reel)
Donald John the Tailor (Cape Breton Scottish Strathspey)
Down the Brae (Scottish March)
The Drunken Wives of Fochabers (Scottish Scrathspey)
East Tennessee Blues (Southern Old Time Rag)
Elizabeth's Big Coat (Cape Breton Reel)
A Finnish Polka
Da Forefit o da Ship (Shetland Reel)
Forester's Hornpipe (New England Hornpipe)
Da Galley Watch (Shetland Reel)
Garster's Drean (Shetland Jig)
The Gaspe Reel (French Canadian New England Reel)
General Drummond (Scottish Reel)
General Stewart (Cape Breton Scottish Reel)
Glasgow Hornpipe (Scottish Hornpipe)
La Grande Chaise (French Canadian Reel)
La Grondeuse (French Canadian New England Reel)
Growling Old Man Grumbling Old Woman (New England Reel)
Haste to the Wedding (New England Irish Jig)
Highlander's Farewell (Southern Old Time Reel)
Highlander's Jig (Cape Breton Scottish Jig)
Indian Reel (French Canadian New England Reel)
Ingonish Jig (Cape Breton Jig)
Jimmy Allen (New England Reel)
Juliann Johnson (Southern Old Time Reel)
Kiss Her Sweetly (Shetland Reel)
Lady Gordon of Gordonstown (Scottish Cape Breton Reel)
Lady of the Lake (New England Reel)
Liza Jane (Southern Old Time Reel)
MacBeth's Strathspey (Scottish Cape Breton Strathspey)
Mackilmoyle Eccl (French Canadian, New England Reel)
Major Molle's (Scottish Cape Breton Reel)
Marcel Martine (Cape Breton Reel)
The Mason's Apron (Irish New England Reel)
Mickie Ainsworrh (Scottish Hornpipe)
Miss Betty Ann Gordon (Cape Breton Reel)
Miss Drummond of Perth (Scottish Strathspey)
Miss Hannah's Jig (Scottish Jig)
Miss McLeod's Reel (Scottish Irish Reel)
Mr. Morison of Bognie (Scottish Jig)
Mouth of the Tobique (French Canadian Reel)
Nancy Ann (Southern Old Time Reel)
Oot be Est da Vong (Shetland Reel)
Opera Reel (New England Reel)
Pays de Haut (French Canadian, New England Reel)
Peter Francisco (Southern Old Time Reel)
Pit Hame de Borrowed Claes (Shetland Reel)
Po' Liza (Southern Old Time Reel)
President Garfield's Hornpipe (New England Hornpipe)
Quindaro Hornpipe (New England Hornpipe)
Reconciliation (Irish, New England Reel)
Reel Alouette (French Canadian Reel)
Reel de Beatrice (French Canadian Reel)
Reel de Montreal (French Canadian, New England Reel)
Reel des Ouviers (French Canadian, New England Reel)
Reel St. Antoine (French Canadian Reel)
Reel St. Jean (French Canadian Reel)
Rickett's Hornpipe (New England Hornpipe)
Rock the Cradle Joe (Southern Old Time Reel)
Ross's Reel #4 (New England R

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