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Line 6 POD HD500X Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

The Line 6 POD HD500X gives you unlimited tonal flexibility with a stunning array of HD amps to choose from, as well as 100+ studio and stomp effects.


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The Line 6 POD HD500X delivers more power to inspire your creativity. With an extensive collection of HD amps, 100+ studio and stomp effects, professional-grade backlit footswitches, and comprehensive I/O, POD HD500X is the ultimate multi-effects processor for your stage and studio rig.

• World-class collection of HD amps and effects
• More power and flexibility for total creativity
• Professional-grade, backlit footswitches for easy operation
• The command center for your guitar rig

World-Class HD Amps and Effects
From vintage classics to modern powerhouses, each HD amp delivers incredible sonic depth, character and touch nuance. POD HD500X also gives you over 100 studio and stomp effects, so you can sculpt your tone to perfection.

More Processsing Power
With more processing power and unparalleled flexibility, POD HD500X enables you to create tone that’s all your own. Dynamic DSP lets you stack the effects you want, where you want them. Explore dual signal paths and multiple routing options to craft unique new sounds or re-create celebrated classics.

Rugged Construction, At-a-glance Operation
POD HD500X boasts professional-grade footswitches with bright LED rings for at-a-glance operation. The robust bent-metal chassis and die-cast expression pedal make POD HD500X ideal for any stage.

Command Center for Your Guitar Experience
POD HD500X is the perfect foundation for any guitar system, whether you connect to a guitar amp, go straight to the PA or record direct to your computer. Connect a James Tyler Variax guitar and DT amp or StageSource speaker to form the Line 6 Dream Rig—the only system that can be virtually any rig.   

  • Extensive collection of award-winning HD amps for authentic tone and feel
  • 100+ studio and stomp effects—use up to eight simultaneously
  • Selectable speaker cabinets and mics
  • Unparalleled flexibility to craft your tones:
  • Dual signal paths
  • Multiple routing options
  • Dynamic DSP with more power for amps and effects
  • Stereo FX loop can be inserted anywhere in the signal chain
  • Professional-grade footswitches with bright LED rings for at-a-glance operation
  • Comprehensive I/O includes USB 2.0, MIDI, S/PDIF, balanced XLR outputs, integrated mic preamp and more
  • Variable input impedance
  • L6 LINK connection for integration and control of DT-series amplifiers and StageSource series loudspeakers
  • VDI connection for integration and control of James Tyler Variax guitars
  • 512 user-writable preset locations
  • Eight set list banks
  • Assignable expression pedal controls amp and effect parameters
  • Integrated 48-second looper with dedicated footswitch
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Tap tempo
  • Professional-grade construction with bent metal chassis, chrome roll bar and die-cast expression pedal
  • Downloadable POD HD500X software editor/patch librarian

Order your Line 6 POD HD500X Guitar Multi-Effects Processor from Sam Ash Direct today with the security of our 45/60 day return/price protection policy, and be sure to take advantage of our fast, free shipping.

Things You Will Get:

    Guitar Effects Processor

Rugged versatile guitar modeling footpedal


Great alternative to carrying an amp and cabinet. It is also a nice way to refine what you know about effects and signal processing.



Great job to the Sam Ash staff.


The Line 6 HD500X is a great modeler. It lives up to my every expectation. Danil Dreger did a great job. Thanks to all.





Very easy to understand and the sound is truthfully stunning. I had the POD HD500, skipped this model and bought the HELIX when it came out. To be honest, I was completely lost!.. I appreciated all the new features, amp models, cabinets and effects, but the simplicity was lost within all the new features... very sad. So I sold that and bought this and I'm VERY happy.



No more amps


Most people have replaced there amps and go direct these pedals are so great. It offers plenty of amp modeling and effects at the click of a footswitch. the best in my opionion of all multi effect boards. This is a hands on review from Eric @ Sam Ash Music.




Nervous about purchase, but gave it a chance


I was trying to decide between this and the eleven rack. I had been using Guitar Rig 5 for a long time, and was frustrated with the not so great distortions (it's a decent product, and you can get some usable tones, but just didn't "do it" for me) I had seen some great demos on youtube of this product, as well as the eleven rack. I had also seen some really poor sounding ones too (thus the trepidation) I could not afford the Axe FX or Kemper stuff, so these were my two best options. I went into the Nashville store, and got a good deal on their last one. They even let me trade in a practice amp that I never used ( I know right?) At first, I was not blown away by the factory presets (surprise!) and thought "crud, I am going to end up taking this thing back". Then I downloaded Ola Englund's fireball preset, and did a quick recording with one amp hard left, the other hard right. That was it. the tone I was looking for. tight distortion with clarity and punch. And a huge sound. This thing kills for all things rock and metal. the cleans are pristine as well. for recording, this thing is gold. I am running it into SPDIF to avoid additional A/D conversions (doesn't make a huge difference, but if you can, you should).

Dead Ringer

Nashville, TN


Great Multi Effects Unit!


This is a great unit! Very good for the price. This multi effects unit is very versatile and offers great options. I would recommend to a friend for sure!


sam ash nyc


Sweet pedal


A fantastic pedal. Easy to use. Easy to setup. Great quality. Has a really awesome sound. Great for beginners and pros alike and all at a very good price. This is a real hands on product review from Dave @ Sam Ash KOP.



Awesome guitar effects!


The Line 6 POD HD500X Guitar Multi-Effects Processor is a great multi effects board. It has everything you could want to make your guitar sounds YOUR sound. It is built very durable and will last you a long time through all the stepping on it. This is a real hands on product review from Scott @ Sam Ash Queens

The Bearded Guy

Queens, NY

All in One Guitar Rig


The latest from Line 6 truly does it all as far as pedals are concerned. Featuring a multitude of overdrives, delays, choruses, distortions, wahs and volume controls, and a built in looper, this unit can cover all the bases for live and recording. Great for plugging directly into a board, you could even go without an amp if you have a competent sound man and monitor mixer. This is a hands on review by Jim at Sam Ash Columbus

Dr J

Columbus Ohio


SO much fun


I love being able to have so many effects in one spot1 Great workhorse for gigging. All you could ever want from a multi effect board. Modulations, distortion, all you need to rock the house! This was a hands on review by [email protected] SamAsh Lombard IL


Lombard IL


POD HD500X Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

4.9 10


Series POD HD X Series
Model POD HD500X
Warranty Info:

Amps/Foot Controllers: one year Computer Accessories: 90 days

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