Kenichi Kiyama

Kenichi Kiyama has been playing violin for 10 years. He started the violin in 4th grade with the Capistrano District Music program. He started taking lessons from Mrs. Yang Li Bartolotti at age 10 and continued to study with her all through high school. He attended OCSA for 2 years in their advanced instrumental studies during his intermediate schooling. He then attended Aliso Niguel High School where he was concertmaster in their orchestra program for 4 years. Kenichi won several competitions including the MTAC Concerto Competition, Saddleback Concerto Competition, and the SCP Young Artists Competition. He has performed in various youth ensembles including the Pacific Santiago Strings, Prelude Chamber Orchestra, and the Capistrano District Honor Orchestra. He freelanced professionally with Dana Point Symphony Orchestra in their 2015 and 2016 concert season. Kenichi is currently attending California State University, Long Beach for a Bachelor’s in Violin Performance under the direction of Henry Gronnier, professor of violin and chamber music at Colburn School.

Andrew Lovelady

Andrew Lovelady is a drum set player in the Orange and Los Angeles County areas. He has been studying music since his days at Cypress and Fullerton Community Colleges. Andrew is currently attending California State University Long Beach, and will be receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and his Minor degree in Music during 2017. He intends to further his knowledge with the Political Science degree to primarily understand more about music law in regards to: publishing rights, copyrights, and contracts. With his Music minor, Andrew intends to spread what he has learned and what he believes is important for up and coming individuals with interests in the drum set. Andrew believes in education whether it be at a formal institution or private instruction. Despite his education from the colleges mentioned above, Andrew has sought out and studied with educators and players such as: Brooks Wackerman, Daniel Glass, and Chris Wabich. Andrew is incredibly passionate about music and drumming, but he is even more passionate about helping individuals learn something they didn’t know before.

Jeff Madrid

Jeff is an aspiring classical saxophonist in the OC and LA areas with big goals in his sights. He is currently completing his bachelors in music performance degree at CSULB, and performs with the wind symphony, saxophone ensemble, and the Pyramid saxophone quartet. He is a student of James Barrera. Jeff has attended and performed at multiple NASA conferences and attended the initial American Saxophone Academy.

Mike Levin

Mike moved to Southern California from the Philadelphia area, where he has been a full-time teaching and performing musician for most of his career. After studying at Temple University as a jazz major, he instructed private guitar, drum, bass, and vocal lessons at George’s Music in North Wales, Pennsylvania from 2004 to 2014. During that time he directed their rock class program. Mike continues to perform all over the region with the band Renown Muzic and his solo-acoustic act along with freelance sub-work on drums, bass, guitar, and vocals.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, Mike utilizes a friendly, encouraging, customized teaching approach. Because he is a seasoned performer, he is fully equipped to help his students prepare for jazz, orchestral, and rock bands. Mike is works with all age groups from beginner to advanced levels.

Jeff Livingstone

Jeff Livingstone is a musician from Cypress, California. He has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old and has received private lessons from various teachers. Although guitar is his main instrument, Jeff has experience as a bassist, drummer, and mandolin player. He holds a Associate of Arts degree in Music from Cypress College and has been recognized by Professor Gary Gopar for his ability to play multiple instruments. Jeff is currently attending California State University, Fullerton where he will earn a BA in business.

Although teaching is his main job, Jeff also performs locally as a solo acoustic act and with a band as a lead guitarist and vocalist. In the past, Jeff has performed at venues including The House of Blues in Anaheim, Steamers Jazz Club in Fullerton, and The Coachhouse Concert Hall in San Juan Capistrano.

Jacob Asaro

Jacob received his Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education with a focus in Voice from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach. He directs the “Troubadours” and “Bel Canto,” of the South Bay Children’s Chorus, located in Torrance, CA.

Jake is an active vocalist in the LA/OC area, performing with groups such as the Mark Morris Dance Company (Dido and Aeneas), various professional church choirs, and “The Rolling Stones.” He has also worked as a studio singer to record for various video game soundtracks.

Jacob specializes in vocal pedagogy and teaching all styles of singing.

“My goal is not to create a certain type of singer or musician, but to help cultivate a sense of confidence and vocal freedom in any style of singing.”

Danielle Kitto

Known in the industry as Mix PHix, Danielle has been a DJ for over 9 years and is sponsored by BOSE AUDIO. She operates mainly with Pioneer DJ equipment when playing shows and weddings. DJ Mix PHix has played several venues in the Southern California area ranging from small events to full scale outdoor EDM shows. Versed in many different styles and genres of music, she is capable of teaching all ages and several different types of equipment.

Daniel Ramos

Daniel Alejandro Ramos is a pianist whose performances are often described as passionate, by friends and critics alike. Playing for over 17 years, Daniel has performed at venues such as Chicago Symphony hall, and has been featured in a series held at El Palacio del Arzobispado. Along with many young performer awards, Daniel was also awarded the Louis Armstrong Jazz award in his precinct for his exemplary conduct in Jazz Arts. In addition to teaching in private settings, Daniel has also held lessons at local elementary schools.

Daniel is attending the Bob Cole Conservatory where he is studying to receive his Degree in Music Education. He works to inspire his students to create their own musicality and musicianship, and to nourish them on defining themselves as what it means to be a musician.

Carmen Marquez

Carmen has been playing the violin for more than 17 years. She earned her Bachelor of Music Degree from California State University, Fullerton; and her Master of Music Degree from the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, California State University, Long Beach. She can teach any age or ability with ease and confidence.

Brandi Castle

Brandi has been playing clarinet for close to 25 years. She has had the opportunity to play with many fine ensembles that have allowed her to branch out from the classical world, from testing her skills as a soloist in an orchestra to her improvisational skills in folk bands. In the last decade she has taken it upon herself to learn saxophone and flute to help her lock in performances in musicals. This has enabled her to teach full woodwind classes in elementary schools, to individual lessons either in her own private studio or with the number of studios she works for. She is able to relate to the students and has helped them to instill good foundational skills needed to start their musical careers. She has been teaching now for the past 12 years as a private teacher and 6 years as a classroom teacher.

Her students range from ages 7 to 46 years of age. Creating her own lessons from her experiences, previous teachers, and colleagues, she is able to teach many different students on many different levels. She is available for clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and beginning piano. At the moment she is currently in pursuit of her degree while still being able to perform and teach. She is working towards becoming an established studio musician performing on soundtracks for movies and video games.

Alex Vo

Alex has studied music in colleges throughout southern California, including Orange Coast College, Fullerton College, Irvine Valley College, Saddleback College, and Santiago Canyon College. He especially enjoys blues, jazz, bluegrass and reggae. He has performed in many local venues, such as OC Tavern, The Coach House, Observatory, Avalon Bar, Detroit Bar, Golden Sails, Gaslamp, Prospector, Alex’s Bar, Slidebar, and The House of Blues in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Anaheim. He is currently playing at 17th Street Studios as a studio musician, and recently performed guitar on the new Seedless album.

Matt Olson

Matt Olson is a graduate from LBSU and B.C. Conservatory of music with a B.M. in Instrumental Music with an option in Percussion Performance and Music Education. He has been playing music for over 20 years. A multi instrumentalist able to play: Drum set, Hand Percussion, Mallet Percussion, Guitar, Bass, Alto Sax, Trumpet, and Piano. Outside of teaching, Olson plays and records regularly with Southern California based band Suburban Legends as well as other various sessions both live and in studio. Olson is well versed in all styles of music and has been teaching privately and in classroom settings for almost 10 years. Able to work with students of any age and ability, he is dedicated to the craft and passionate about improving his and his students’ ability to play, participate, and further their musical knowledge.