Peter Casas

With 10+ years experience in the electronic music industry, Peter has performed at several venues in Miami (i.e. Proyecto Tulum, Treehouse Miami, Gramps Wynwood), as well as abroad in Moscow, Russia (Stupendost, Kraftwerk Bar, Vinyl&Wine). Peter carries expert-level DJ experience with using numerous technologies, including but not limited to: Stanton-Audio Technica-Numark-Technics-Pioneer-Denon-Gemini turntables, DJ controllers and CDJs; DJ mixer knowledge ranging from E&S DJR 400 and Allen&HeathBritish mixers to Pioneer and related pro audio brands; Traktor, Serato, VirtualDJ, Rekordbox software and compatible controllers that follow. Beyond DJing knowledge, Peter also carries 3 years experience in Music Production utilizing DAW such as Ableton &Logic by Apple. Under the alias ‘Bel Richardson,’ Peter has released two-EPs which are a part of an ongoing series, with two more EP’s expected to release later this year.

Maria Leal

Maria graduated from the Amadeo Roldan Conservatory and is a piano and voice teacher with 18 years of teaching experience at schools such as the Adolfo Guzman and Manuel Saumell Elementary Schools in Cuba. In addition to her teaching, Maria has also worked as an accompanist for solo and ensemble performances. Maria has coached vocal groups of various sizes in the genres of Jazz, Pop, Boleros, Salsa, Bossa Nova, and Classical. Maria has also performed as the vocalist for the groups “Caribe Expresso”, “Cantate de Coro” and was also a member of the Tropicana Quartet and a soloist in “Tropicana de Cuba”. Maria has experience and is comfortable teaching students of all ages and levels.

Juanpablo Gomez

Juanpablo Gomez is a Sound Engineer, Record Producer, Studio Owner, Vocalist and Multi-Instrumentalist who’s worked as a Producer and Full-time Drummer with Loaded Guns from Century Media Records. His 10+ years experience has gifted him with an extensive and dynamic musical knowledge ranging from Christian Worship music, Lo-Fi hip hop, techno, post-rock, Metal, and Jazz. Juanpablo teaches his students through practical, and real-world scenarios, bridging the gap between music theory, art, performance, expression and character building. His curriculum is based upon his time serving as a guitarist, drummer, and vocalist in various churches, as well as his education from Miami-Dade College.

JP Figueroa

Juan Pablo Figueroa started playing guitar at the age of 13 beginning with classical music before subsequently moving onto rock and finally jazz. Obsessed with learning a dying art, he is pursuing his A.A. in Music Performance at MDC before continuing with a Bachelor’s in Jazz Studies. Fluent in chord construction, theory, technique, and many more aspects concerning guitar and music itself, he is perfect for teaching students how to learn and grow with the guitar as an extension of themselves.

Vince Stanfa

Music has always been a part of Vince’s life. He began taking piano lessons at the age of 5, and by 8 he was writing song lyrics. By 12, he was teaching himself how to play guitar. While in high school, Vince played electric guitar in numerous bands, honing his skills on his preferred instrument while also learning how to record, edit, and broadcast audio – his chosen specialization. At 15, he got his first glimpse at production when he and his band cut a studio EP. By 18, Vince was bridging his knowledge of music and audio technology using Garageband and Logic Pro. While at the University of Florida, Vince co-wrote and produced two studio albums. Since then, he has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge of music and audio technology with students. Now at Sam Ash, he looks forward to doing the same with you!

Victor Sanchez

Victor began playing the drums in early December of 2008, taking lessons with Sam Ash under the guidance of local drummer Raul Diaz. After years of practice and dedication, learning all sorts of different styles, he decided that this was the career path he wanted to follow. He went on to study at Miami-Dade College, where he studied Jazz drums under the tutelage of Jack Ciano. After completing his AA, he moved to FIU, where he is currently continuing his education under world-renowned drummer and Composer Rodolfo Zuniga. Victor has been teaching for several years now, with students ranging from young children to adults. He has experience playing and teaching various styles including Jazz, Rock, RnB, Funk, Hip Hop, Brazilian, and Latin.

Christa Morera

Christa was born in Habana, Cuba, where she began studying violin and piano at the age of seven under the tutelage of the renowned Russian violinist and professor Alla Tarán. She continued her education and training at the Amadeo Roldán Music Conservatory, where she studied under Ryu Goto, Evelio Tieles, and other international violinists and where she served as principal of the violin section for the Symphonic Orchestra. Christa has also been a part of many major ensembles, such as the National Symphonic Orchestra of Cuba and the Symphonic Orchestra of the Gran Teatro de la Habana. She is currently continuing her education at the New World School of the Arts and aspires to share her talent and experience with the world.

Angelo Carretta

Angelo is an audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist with a well-rounded background in the music production industry. He has served as an engineer at South Beach Studios in Miami and Platinum Sound Studios in New York, as well as for music streaming pioneer Grooveshark and Sound Associates Inc., Broadway’s premiere sound staging company. Angelo has a diverse background in Music Education with experience as show director and drum/guitar instructor for The School of Rock RVC, as well as head Music Production Instructor for CRISDA Learning Academy using self-authored curriculum. His professional and educational backgrounds were heavily inspired by his classical music upbringing through his studies at New World School of the Arts and the University of Florida for Euphonium Performance.

Kiele Cabrera

Kiele Cabrera has been classically trained in vocals since she was thirteen years old. She is a graduate of the Doral Performing Arts and Entertainment Academy, where she served as President of the Vocal department and was a part of the Tri-M Music Honor Society. Kiele has been cast in many productions, including shows like “Oklahoma” and “How To succeed In Business Without Really Trying”.  She was accepted into the Florida State University Classical Voice Program and was an active member of the award winning Acapella group The Acaphiliacs, based in Tallahassee. Kiele is currently continuing her education and is the vocalist/keyboardist in her own Jazz-Caribbean fusion band called “Artisan Soul”.Kiele is passionate about helping others understand the mechanisms of their vocal instrument as well as reaching their ultimate vocal goals. She is able to teach students of all ages and stages of vocal development. Kiele is able to train students in several genres ranging from Classical Voice and Musical Theater, to Pop and Jazz. She also offers audition preparation and overall performance training. 

Antonio Alvarado

From a very young age, Antonio has made music a vital part of his life. Starting as a singer in a church choir, he moved on to guitar and bass, pursuing formal education with private tutors and colleges where he studied classical guitar and bass as well as acoustic and electric guitar, taking the latter as his main instrument. His passion for music production and recording led to him earning his degree in Audio Engineering from SAE, and he has performed with numerous Top 40 bands across the country. As an instructor, Antonio is always ready to guide his students, helping them to reach their goals by sharing his knowledge and experience.

Aryam Gonzalez

Aryam was born in Habana, Cuba and grew up in Miami. He began studying cello at the age of 9 with Maria Salas, a well-renowned cellist from El Sistema in Venezuela. Under her guidance, Aryam played as a soloist with the International School of Music Orchestra in 2012, and was a part of the New World Side-by-Side program, the Greater Miami Youth Symphony, and the All-State Orchestra. Aryam debuted as a soloist playing the Elgar Cello Concerto with the Arts and Minds Symphony Orchestra and was later recruited to the Miami Arts Charter School by Aleksandar Djuric, a Julliard graduate, where he served as principal of the cello section. He is currently continuing his education with aspirations of becoming a world-renowned soloist and orchestra director.

Joel Perez

Every Professional was once a beginner”. Joel had his start at the age of 11 when he started playing Beatles songs on the acoustic guitar. Fueled by the influences of Chon, Animals as Leaders, and Intervals, he has been composing for his instrument since the age of fourteen and has been studying the guitar for over a decade. He went on to audition for the School of Music at Florida International University, where he was accepted to study the Classical Guitar with Rafael Padron and Mesut Ozgen. Being classically trained gives him the ability not only to incorporate more techniques into his playing, but also to teach his students better form when handling the guitar. He also enjoys playing piano and studying theory, but the guitar remains his instrument of choice: “The guitar is hands down the most expressive instrument I’ve come across. There are so many different ways you can play the same chord, so the possibilities are literally endless.” He prides himself in fostering an environment conducive to learning, where the student enjoys new challenges and perspectives. “I enjoy guiding the student down the path which they wish to travel, whether it’s composing a well-structured melody, shredding like Eddie Van Halen, or learning that new chart-topping pop song.”