John Holiday

John Holiday has been playing guitar for over 45 years and is a veteran educator and perfrormer. John understands knowledge knows no bounds, and passes on that commitment to every student.

He is a specialist on guitar and teaches piano, drums, mandolin, and ukulele.

Olga Grystsenko

Olga Grystsenko has been playing piano since she was 6 years old and has never stopped.

She has been teaching piano privately for 14 years and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Vasyl Stefanyk Subcarpathian National University in Ivano-Frankivisk, Ukraine.

Olga can teach a variety of styles such as jazz, blues and classical and can teach beginning through advanced.

When she is not teaching privately, she is working as an accompanist to ballet dancers and playing during church services and wedding ceremonies.

Dan Hill

Dan Hill was trained in drums and percussion by some of the country’s finest, including Brad Schlueter (writer for Drum! Magazine, Modern Drummer, Jazz Times) and Tom Hipskind (Gary Sinise’s Lt. Dan Band, Howard Levy, Kenny Werner).

Over the years, Dan has found a home recording, touring and performing with dozens of acts spanning many styles of music. Most recently, these artists have included: Superbig, Blindspt, PAZ, and Boom Goes the Globe. Dan also continues to work hand-in-hand with a growing number of GRAMMY award winning and chart topping producers including Chris Steinmetz (KISS, Alice in Chains, Jay-Z) and Sean O’Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, Plain White T’s).

Dan also composes music for orchestras under the moniker Astraios.

Charles Mulvey

Charles Mulvey has been playing guitar for 30 years and locally teaching all ages, levels and styles (particularly advanced rock techniques) for 12.

Having been apart of numerous bands since high school including Rush Tribule Xanadu, Ozzy Tribute the Ultimate Ozz, and original progressive instrumental rock band Ultrazilian, he is familiar with being on stage and has performed for audiences at local venues such as The Alley, Penny Road Pub, Durty Nellies, and Chicago City Limits.

He is flexible and open minded and if a concept is unknown to him he will quickly master it. Charles is both passionate and patient when it comes to teaching music and after assessing where a student is, works to get them where they want to be.