Vince Stanfa

Miami Dolphin

Music has always been a part of Vince’s life. He began taking piano lessons at the age of 5, and by 8 he was writing song lyrics. By 12, he was teaching himself how to play guitar. While in high school, Vince played electric guitar in numerous bands, honing his skills on his preferred instrument while also learning how to record, edit, and broadcast audio – his chosen specialization. At 15, he got his first glimpse at production when he and his band cut a studio EP. By 18, Vince was bridging his knowledge of music and audio technology using Garageband and Logic Pro. While at the University of Florida, Vince co-wrote and produced two studio albums. Since then, he has dedicated himself to sharing his knowledge of music and audio technology with students. Now at Sam Ash, he looks forward to doing the same with you!