Steve Hollahan


Steve Hollahan began trumpet at age 11. By age 15, Steve received a music scholarship from Memphis State University. Steve attended Santa Monica College, University of California Santa Barbara, B.A. Honor; University of California Riverside, M.A., trumpet emphasis. Steve has studied trumpet with Joseph Valenti, Glenn Lutz and J. Frank Elsass. Early instrument performance and construction are a specialty for Steve. Classical music is Steve’s primary emphasis. Steve has also performed in marching and concert bands, early music ensembles, brass quintets and ensembles, Broadway shows as well as church, school and professional orchestras. Primary influences are orchestral and classical styles, methods such as Arban, Claude Gordon, Mel Broiles as well as teachers and major recording artists. Performance experience includes Napa Symphony Orchestra, California; Texas Festival Chamber Orchestra, Round Top music Festival; Union Symphony Orchestra, Monroe, NC; Western Piedmont Symphony Orchestra,Hickory, NC; Brass Act brass quintet; South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra, Columbia, SC.