Silas Fernandes


Silas Fernandes began playing guitar as a teenager in Brazil, immersing himself in the music of Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, and Judas Priest. He soon mastered guitar shredding techniques and jumped into the legendary metal scene in São Paolo by playing in a band named Esfinge alongside Andreas Kisser, who would later become the guitarist for Sepultura.

During his 27 year career, Silas developed his skills through various opportunities which include positions as a guitar instructor at IG&T (Guitar institute of Technology Brazil), guitar technician, producer, business consultant, workshop clinician, and finally as a guitarist who has worked with many names in the Brazilian music industry. As a solo artist, Silas has released five instrumental albums as well as a DVD entitled Live for Real in December 2011. He also wrote a guitar tech book called Set Up which later became a course at EM&T (School of Music and Technology) in Brazil.

In 2013, Silas was invited by popular online Brazilian music magazine Território da Música to co-produce and present the Youtube Show Setup On Fire, which showcases his expertise on electric guitar gear in addition to music production tips. Every Thursday night, a new episode goes live on YouTube via the Território da Música channel. From the success of this YouTube show, Silas began his own channel in March 2014 called Rig on Fire.

Silas is eager to start fresh here in Virginia as a guitar instructor. He is deeply passionate about his craft and wants to share his knowledge, experience, and skills with a new set of aspiring guitarists looking to exceed their own potential.