Sean Daly

San Diego

Sean Daly- San Diego native grew up in a family of music-his father leading an Irish rock band with a “classic rock problem”. Initially self taught in guitar and harmonica -played orchestral bass guitar in middle school’s advanced and jazz bands. Sang Baritone, Tenor I, Tenor II in High School AP Vocal Chamber/Mixed Ensemble for 4 years and toured with the group to various parts of Europe (Highlights: Singing in Pompeii and for Mass at the Vatican). Took vocal classes and basic music theory as well as starting original bands at university. Interned at Trackstar Studios in La Mesa with Josquin des Pres as session engineer and received a vocational certificate in Audio Engineering and Producing from the industry-accredited RRF program based in Malibu, CA in 2014. Has played and currently plays in several bands in the San Diego area and has had mentions in local press for performing guitar, bass, vocals, and drums. In the past 12 years has played at venues such as the San Diego House of Blues, Casbah, Soda Bar, and various other clubs on the west coast.
Sean has taken 4 years of advanced vocal/chamber music. Proficient genres include: Rock, Folk, Pop, Alternative, Country, Jam, Blues, Punk/Rockabilly and Irish Music. He also has a lot of experience in songwriting and can help you with your original music.