While growing up, all types of music filled Sandra’s house, and continues to this day. At four years old, her parents said she was listening to Elvis Presley on the radio, went to the piano, picked out the notes he was singing, and began playing by ear and singing with him! At age 7 Sandra began her formal music lessons and grew to love classical music. By the age of 13, her teacher had sent her to audition at Butler’s Jordan College of Music and she was accepted. By age 14, she began classical organ lessons. At age 16, Mr. Anderson Dailey taught her how to teach a choir and play for morning church services.

Sandra continued studying classical piano until she left to attend and graduate Purdue University. As a teacher in a private Christian school, she was the music director and began writing songs. Her love of music spills into her family, as her children are musicians, writers, performers and music-related business owners. She is currently the Children’s Choir Director at her church, The New Life Worship Center, and is a member of the Indianapolis Symphonic Praise Choir of the Indianapolis Philharmonic Orchestra. Sandra thinks “outside the box” and with her creativity, and will create a learning experience to make you fall in love with music…whatever music is your choice!!