Ron Reis


Ron Reis has been playing guitar for 40 years, taking his first lesson in 1978. After starting his first band in 1983, primarily as a drummer, he made the decision to switch back to guitar permanently. His interest in furthering his education in music theory began at the age of 17, hightening when he discovered The Blues, specifically learning guitar licks by musicians such as SRV and Duane Allman.

In his late twenties, Ron started a band called Turtle Hurd, a band that was influenced by jam bands. In the wake of that band, he started a trio names HeadRush-which independently released a CD named “What We Did Last Summer”.
Ron began teaching guitar in 1993 within a wide range of various large and small scale lesson programs, as well as in-home private lessons.

In 2015, Ron made the decision to follow his passion for music education by going back to school, and will receive an AFA in music in May of 2019. Ron also continues to play professionally around the Chicago area as a guitarist, as well as a bass player.