Richard Stolfi


Richard Stolfi originated from New Jersey after being a professional guitar instructor for many institutions such as the Academic Music Conservatory, Park Music Conservatory, as well as being a private instructor for many years within the region. He’s been trained on classical guitar, songwriting, ear training, jazz, harmony, and rock guitar since 1999, and has taught private and group lessons for over 10 years.
Richard also has been involved with playing the guitar for over 40 yeas, gigging and performing at many venues; whether as a solo artist or band, his bands include Audience, Innovations, and currently Rockland County.
While he teaches a variety of genres, his main focus is folk and rock, and his techniques cover traditional and fingerpicking. Any teen or adult who would like to learn from the beginning or hone their skills with songwriting or any of these styles will do well with Richard Stolfi.