Ricardo Castillo


Ricardo began to learn guitar at age eleven. After high school graduation he went off to college where he began formal Classical guitar studies under Dan Hodan. Furthermore, he studied Classical guitar with Christopher McQuire, who is currently the Artistic director for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Classical Guitar Society. Ricardo met Miguel Antonio and shortly thereafter Ricardo began his studies of flamenco guitar. After studying with Miguel for several years, he ventured off to Cordoba, Spain. He studied in master classes with Manolo Franco and Paco Serrano in conjunction with Centro Flamenco de Paco Pena in Cordoba, Spain. Upon his return to the states he studied with world-renowned flamenco guitarist Juan Serrano. During the course of these years he began performing in and around San Francisco and was selected to participate in guitar competitions at Fresno State University. He was accompanist at Rosa Montoya’s dance studio in San Francisco. Ricardo decided to depart to South America, where he performed in Cafes and Penas. Once back in the states he returned to San Francisco and began work with critically-acclaimed dancer/choreographer Danica Sena. Ricardo left the San Francisco Bay Area for Sevilla, Spain, where he played for Juana Amaya’s dance studio. Back from Spain he spent a couple of year’s in the San Antonio/Austin Texas area performing in various venues such as UTSA, San Antonio College, the Majestic and Cameo Theatres. He has had immense success teaching privately and in a classroom setting for over a decade. Se habla español.