Rayko Lopez-Diaz

Miami Lakes

 Rayko Lopez-Diaz is a very well known musician around the world. His love for saxophone began at a very small age. In 2000 he attended Guillermo Tomas Conservatory in Havana, Cuba where he began his journey as a musician. As he increased his saxophone skills in 2005 he was then accepted into Amadeo Roldan’s conservatory in Havana, Cuba, a very well know conservatory throughout the world. In his studies he took on the challenge of mastering the flute and clarinet. On top of achieving all of his goals he was given the privilege to study under Grammy nominee Miguel Zenon, Niurka Gonzalez Nunes, and Miguel Villafruela. Having performed for almost 10 years in many different orchestras we are happy to have Rayko on our team.