Nick Lang

Nicholas Lang is a Florida native who was born on October 16, 1990. From a young age, Nicholas has had a very keen interest in music. At the age of 8 he began taking piano lessons and soon after, began playing the trumpet and guitar.

Throughout high school, Nicholas continued to develop his skills on his instrument by composing for guitar and giving private lessons on both trumpet and guitar. He has composed several pieces for guitar that require secondary techniques such as two-handed tapping, raked arpeggios and string skipping. As a result of this he discovered his true passion in life which is music. He then decided to pursue a degree in Music Education (BME) at the University of Central Florida.

As a musician, Nicholas is heavily influenced by several performers such as , Philip Smith, Guy Touvron, James Thompson, and Chris Gekker. As a trumpet player, Nicholas is an acvtive performer throughout Central Florida. Beginning in 2011, he began working at Walt Disney world (Magic Kingdom) as a Marching Toy Soldier Trumpet player. In 2011 he also played in the collaborative effort of the UCF Theatre and Music departments performance of Ragtime the musical. As a student at UCF, he has also performed with Jazz Ensemble II, Jazz Combo, Concert band, Symphonic Band and Wind ensemble.

Nicholas has studied with esteemed trumpet professor of UCF, John Almedia. In regards to guitar and composition he is completely self taught. Nicholas is also an active member of NAFME, and ITG.