John Bennett


John Bennett is a saxophone, clarinet and beginning piano music teacher. His experience in music has led him from the Haight and Ashbury clubs of San Francisco to the Richmond jazz festival. Some of the groups he’s played with include Rock and blues bands, latin/rock groups, 9 piece original funk group (funky citizens), Lucky Diaz and the High Rollers (swing/ska), Entourage (smooth jazz), the music makers (big band/60s/70s) and currently plays with Chan Hall (jazz keyboardist).

John graduated from San Joaquin Delta college in central California with an Associates in humanities with primary studies in music theory, classical technique, jazz improv, composition and arranging.

John studied with Mike McMullen, an accomplished saxophonist and clarinetist who studied with jazz legend Joe Henderson and received classical training and theory from Slovenian composer Maximillan Simoncic.

John’s teaching techniques come from various sources including the inner game of music, strategies that work and developing your own saxophone sound. As a “music coach” as he states, John’s philosophical approach is the progressive and continual development of the personal connection of music to the student. John teaches a wide range of students from the hobbyist to the career path oriented student.