Jerrell Battle


Jerrell Battle is a multi-instrumentalist with 30 of years experience in performing, teaching, and producing music. His experience covers all styles of music from classic rock to country, blues, and pop. Jerrell teaches audio production using Pro-Tools, Reason 8, Cubase, Ableton Live 9, and Sonar X, and also teaches synth programming and sound design. Jerrell’s keyboard method emphasizes development of speed and flow, dynamic articulation, and polyrhythms. He also teaches guitar, bass, and hand percussion. Jerrell has worked with some of the most respected R&B, Pop & Dance producers including, Wyclef Jean, Tom Moulton, Nick Jones, DJ Jose’ Burgos & Hippie Torales. He has also received Gold, Platinum & Grammy nominations for his work with Interscope Recording Artist, ‘City High’.