Helen McReynolds


Helen McReynolds is a veteran instructor who holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in music with a focus in piano.
After studying classical technique growing up, her teaching career began in Nashville, Tennessee, and her experience in America’s music capital allowed her to become familiar with a variety of other genres. Since then, she has taught all ages—from preschool, through college, to adults—and all skill levels as well. She still loves the classics, but can teach almost any style.
Beyond espousing the study of piano as an art for its own sake, Helen believes strongly in the peripheral benefits of music—its ability to increase discipline, patience, concentration, hand-eye coordination, and academic skills.
She is a flexible teacher, adjusting her approach to fit the particular learning pathways that best suit each individual student. Her enjoyment comes from watching a student progress, whether it be taking the first steps of learning ‘chopsticks’, or the more mature accomplishment of finishing a Beethoven sonata.