Eric Chang


Eric Chang is a recent graduate of the music education program at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has been involved in many areas of music for almost fifteen years. During his time at UNCC, he was able to study percussion under the direction of Rick Dior, the principle percussionist of the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. He has been teaching for five of those years in various areas such as high school marching band, elementary music programs, and privately.

Eric’s knowledge in music is very diverse and focuses on many areas such as: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin, Marching and Orchestral Percussion. These styles can be applied to drum set, beginners piano, and an array of other percussion instruments.

Eric has performed in many musical settings such as the UNCC Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Combo. He also served as the principle percussionist for the UNCC Wind Ensemble for his last three semesters as a student at school. Besides playing in a school setting, Eric has performed for galas, churches, musicals, and fundraisers.