David Wilson


David Wilson is a skilled guitarist skilled in many styles. He started playing at age 12 with a deep love for Blues and Rock music. Although he hasn’t had any formal music education, he has spent many years studying music theory and developing his craft. He was the lead guitarist and songwriter for local band King for President before he began making his rounds in the Dallas blues scene. He’s shared the stage with Buddy Whittington, Texas Slim, and Lance Lopez. He is now involved in several projects around the metroplex: BJ & The Kings, Beaux Dove & Skruff, Sister Grove, Adrew Crain Band, Electrik Ants, JDM Trio, and BadKid as the Bassist. David has also developed a love for Jazz and is consistently learning new tunes as well as improving his skills as a musician and teacher. “Music is my life and I firmly believe in its power to bring people together. I love sharing my knowledge of music and helping others progress in their path.”