Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson started playing bass and electric guitar at the age of 15. Raised in an abundantly musical family, he developed an ear and obsession for all things guitar. Growing up with music major parents, he was exposed to every style of music. Ultimately, he was self taught and found guitar to be a natural fit. He started teaching privately at age 17. Also, he worked for Guitar Center and Buddy Rogers Music, learning repair, setups, and gear application.

Chris has spent countless hours on varying stages. From leading worship in his parent’s church to all types of local stages. In 2006, he joined the metal/hardcore band called The Winner’s Circle. They performed numerous shows and travelled regionally. In 2009, Chris joined the indie pop band Come On Caboose. Soon after in 2010, he became a part of Walk The Moon. However, not long after that he formed the pop folk band Young Heirlooms with local songwriter Kelly Fine. The two have been writing and touring for the past 4 years. This is his “brain child” and ultimate creative outlet. Out of necessity, he started playing 12 string acoustic and mandolin. They’ve been nominated multiple times for Cincinnati Entertainment Awards the past few years.

The approach Chris takes to learning and playing music is focused in ear training but also in precise clean technique. Having played varying genres, he has a good grasp on guitar technique but also in the use of effects and amp setup.