Brandi Castle


Brandi has been playing clarinet for close to 25 years. She has had the opportunity to play with many fine ensembles that have allowed her to branch out from the classical world, from testing her skills as a soloist in an orchestra to her improvisational skills in folk bands. In the last decade she has taken it upon herself to learn saxophone and flute to help her lock in performances in musicals. This has enabled her to teach full woodwind classes in elementary schools, to individual lessons either in her own private studio or with the number of studios she works for. She is able to relate to the students and has helped them to instill good foundational skills needed to start their musical careers. She has been teaching now for the past 12 years as a private teacher and 6 years as a classroom teacher.

Her students range from ages 7 to 46 years of age. Creating her own lessons from her experiences, previous teachers, and colleagues, she is able to teach many different students on many different levels. She is available for clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, and beginning piano. At the moment she is currently in pursuit of her degree while still being able to perform and teach. She is working towards becoming an established studio musician performing on soundtracks for movies and video games.