Aylin Fernandez

Aylin Fernandez was born in Camaguey, Cuba and she studied at the National Vocational Music Academy. She has been playing the violin since she was six years old. With her first student at the age of 14 while performing regularly at the City Symphony in Camaguey for 7 years and trained by Russian musicians she became a violin master. She went on to study and graduated from The National School of Art (ENA), and then she continued her studies at The Superior Institute of Arts (ISA) where she perfected her technique. While in Miami she has been working as a violin instructor teaching students of all ages. Aside from classical and popular music, she has also played flamenco and mariachi. Her passion is to teach her student how to correctly play the instrument using various methods including the Susuke and traditional. She has played in various performances; the latest was in a concert with internationally known artists Laura Pausini and Luis Fonsi in April, 2014.