Allison Weinstein

Allison Weinstein holds a Master’s Degree in Music Technology from New York University. With a Dual Focus in Game Audio and Scoring for Film & Multimedia, Allison has learned to work with many DAW softwares such as Logic, ProTools, Reason, and Cubase, with a developed fluency for composition as well as audio production. Before her studies at NYU, Allison received a Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Tampa. While there, Allison studied flute under Barbara Prescott, and electronic music composition under Bradford Blackburn. Allison also held multiple offices as a member of the prestigious Women’s Music Fraternity – Sigma Alpha Iota. Allison had also composed a number of pieces as an undergraduate, and is fluent in music notation programs such as Finale. Allison’s main instrument is the flute, but she also teaches piano, composition/notation, and a wide range of DAWs from her mixture of expertise from a classical background through her training as an Audio Engineer. Currently, Allison is composing her first symphony, as a mixed multimedia and mixed notation/DAW project.