Alex Roff


Alex Roff holds a B.M in Music Education from Susquehanna University where he specialized in tuba, low brass instruments and Voice. Alex has been performing since he was a child and has been teaching for many years.
Currently, Alex is employed at a K-12 school in Freeport, NY as the music director; running a rock band, elective choir, and general music. As an educator, Mr.Roff makes sure to always have a lesson plan with a clear procedure for his students.
While attending school, Alex performed in a number of ensembles including The Susquehana Choir, Mens Chorus, Chamber Singers, Orchestra, Symphony Band, Wind Ensemble and Chamber Music Ensembles. Currently, Alex performs in the Central Moriches Choral Society and Singers Of Long Island (Soli) as a soloist and choir member.