Latin Percussion LP846-SN Micro Snare

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The LP Micro Snare is small—very small—but carries a clobber
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Auxiliary snare drums are over the top in popularity and, because of this, manufacturers have rushed to explore every possible diameter, depth and permutation—except this one! The LP Micro Snare shell is reduced to pocket dimensions: 3-1⁄4" X 6", yet it carries a big sound. If we were talking automobiles, it would be a hybrid, not a compact! Except for one thing: Downsizing has taken nothing away.

A quick-release on-off lever engages snare wires in milliseconds and the Micro Snare comes to life, crackling and popping with a crisp snare effect that’s perfect for shots. Fully drum key tunable, it attaches quickly to a variety of clamps and bar-type holders 3/8” to 1/2” in diameter.

The LP Micro Snare is small—very small—but carries a clobber! Drummers searching for the perfect 12" secondary snare might want to revise their wish list by half, especially when the LP Micro Snare does a flamboyant, intrusive job at a mere six inches in diameter! It’s a bona fide snare effect, despite the size, and despite the price tag—again down there in the frac- tions. The LP Micro Snare just might be the newcomer to beat in the “aux snares” stakes for 2009

Things You Will Get:

  • Snare Drum
  • Model Number LP846-SN
    Model 846-SN Micro
    Snare Drum Type Piccolo Snare Drum
    Construction Metal Snare Drum
    Drum Shell Material Steel
    Snare Drum Size 3.25" x 6"
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