Latin Percussion LP761 Performance Tray

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The LP Performance Tray takes the place of what you used to employ-spare music stands with tops turned horizontally, folding chairs, and other makeshift flat spaces. A full 21" long and 8" deep, the Tray boasts a durable gold vein textured finish. A rubber resting surface facilitates quiet placement of hand held percussion instruments, especially important in passages. Another saving grace: the tray incorporates a raised edge lined with molded rubber and grooved to hold in place maracas, sticks, claves, Flex-A-Tones and even trombone mutes and car keys.

  • Percussion tray great for drummers, singers, horn players etc
  • Rubber surface for quiet placement of instruments
  • Swing out tambourine holder
  • Edge of tray is lined with molded rubber and grooves to hold maracas, drum sticks etc

Singers will find the tray particularly useful: They can mount the LP Performance Tray on a mic stand. If they play tambourine, they will make good use of the "swing out" tambourine holder.

If you've read this far, and you're a working musician or a bandleader, you've already recognized that the LP Performance Tray is a lifesaver. It is one of LP's many creature comforts-smartly designed, durable and musician friendly.

Things You Will Get:

  • Performance Tray
  • Model Number LP761
    Model LP761 Performance Tray
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