Latin Percussion LP352 Tri Tone Samba Whistle

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Whistles, although not percussion instruments, play an important role in a percussionist's ensemble. Many times, a percussionist is called upon to play many different instruments and create a number of sound effects. It is usually the percussionist who has an opportunity to pick up a whistle and play it at varying times during a song or show.

The patented LP Tri-Tone Samba Whistle has its origins in Brazilian music but has become a standard in today's dance music as well. It has three distinct, complementary tones that are achieved by placing fingers over the side chamber holes in various combinations. It is crafted of anodized aluminum and all components are precision machined to ensure consistency of sound.


Things You Will Get:

  • Samba Whistle
  • Model Number LP352
    Model LP352 Tri Tone Samba Whistle
    Color Gold
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