Latin Percussion ES15 Barrio Hand Held Cowbell

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It is an incontrovertible fact: LP Cowbells are the world leaders in round tone and strong projection, and we’re speaking about every bell in our many lines, from the precise and delicate LP Tapon Bell to the robust sound of the LP Salsa Timbale Bell.

The new LP Barrio Hand Held Cowbell is a proud addition in a range that is the undisputed favorite among percussionists. It is a medium pitched bell that speaks with LP signature clarity. All along the length of the body, "sweet spots" emerge, while the contrast is strong between mouth and back of the bell. In the hands of a sensitive player, the new bongo bell is a true instrument and presents multiple timbrel options.

The LP Barrio Hand Held Cowbell is the perfect solution for a percussionist or drummer who needs a larger bell to do the job. Equipped with a range of strong tones, while yielding a clear mid-pitched fundamental, the new bell is designed to drive today’s Latin music and get those shout choruses dancing!

Things You Will Get:

  • Cowbell
  • Model Number ES-15
    Model ES15 Barrio Hand Held Cowbell
    Series ES15 Barrio Hand Held Cowbell
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