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KNA NG-1 Guitar Pickup

Natural, detachable passive piezo pickup solution for nylon-string guitar


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MSRP: Old Price $79.00 Discounted Price $69.00 Save : $10.00 (13%)
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MSRP: Old Price $79.00 Discounted Price $69.00 Save : $10.00 (13%)
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Encased in lightweight tone wood, the Kremona NG-1 ensures the natural sound of your guitar without modification. NG-1 installs safely and securely on the tie bar utilizing the tension of the strings. NG-1 comes complete with a detachable, easily replaceable cable. When not in use, NG-1 may be left in place with no detriment to the instrument’s acoustic sound.

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Things You Will Get:

    Pickup Assembly
    1/8" to 1/4" cable

Quick and easy


Easy to install and works great!



Great Concept


This pickup works wells and benefits greatly from a preamp.



Planning to purchase more.


I was surprised. This has come to be perfect part for my guitar. Amazed how it works. Super item for a nylon string guitar. Recommendable.



A gift for my classical guitar


Its not a sound hole pickup, It goes under the stings at the bridge. How cool is that! And it is beautiful !




An affordable, if fragile, problem solver!


In researching the Kremona NG1, 2 things stood out. One: it works very well for the price, without having to alter the guitar in any way and two: it is very easy to break. Having purchased one and worked with it for a bit, I can say both statements are true. It is very delicate and while I haven't broken mine yet, I can see where it wouldn't take much for it to happen. But, if you don't want someone punching holes in your '68 Ramirez so you can amplify it, it's a very good solution. I recommend running it thru a good acoustic guitar amp or at least an acoustic guitar processing pedal so you can tweak the sound. I'd expect someone to come up with a more durable, dependable version of this in the future but for now, this is an affordable problem solver!


Denver CO


Works good but it is very fragile.


Bought 2 one for guitar and one for ukelele. The guitar one broke when somebody stepped on the cable, and the one for the ukelele fell off when it brushed against my clothes. I could tell that it the plug was only partially glued down. Bad manufacturing quality. I would not recommend it at all. I'd like to have my money back.


Bradenton, FL


KREMONA NG-1 is extreemly vulnerable


KREMONA NG-1 is extreemly vulnerable. If you forget to unplug it from your guitar there is a great chance that if the cord get tight and you pull out the plug the woodenpart wil break. It happend to me alreaddy twice. The sound on the lower strings is also a little holding a wha pedal in a surtain position. It's not nice




First choice for nylon-string pickup


This pickup is great. A clean and balanced sounding pickup for nylon-string guitars with easy mounting and no holes to drill, zero damage to the guitar? Why didn't this product come out a long time ago!? Such a simple concept - put the piezo transducer under the strings but on top of the tie-block. The sound for the price is unbeatable. I have a very good classical guitar, and as a gigging wedding musician for four decades (you can guess my age) I have always needed amplification. Back then I hated altering the guitar for the sake of amplifying. I've been using an LR Baggs DI preamp to fix the problems with tone. So to compare the two pickups, I recorded my old installed piezo pickup without the DI versus the new Kremona NG-1. Not only did the NG-1 have more gain using the same cord, it sounded much more natural without any EQ adjustment. You can plug right into an amp without a preamp and be good. Tweak the EQ a little and add some verb and you're as realistic as you can be without a microphone. Putting it on is a breeze - just loosen the strings enough to slide in under the strings wraps on the bridge, but don't go more than a quarter inch past the sixth string or you'll be in too far for the piezo element to work best. Remember, it is outside the guitar, so take care about impacting it both in and out of the case. This was a gift from a friend, so I was motivated to try it against my old pickup. I know a bargain when I see it. This would be the ideal way to amplify your nylon-string guitar without altering the guitar at all.

Again With More Legato

Folsom, CA


NG-1 Guitar Pickup

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